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Thrombosed Veins vs. Increased Vascularity

Thrombosed Veins vs. Increased Vascularity

Being the PEr that I am, I noticed that I have some veins that are more prominent than before. One by the base (single vein that splits into 2 travelling up the penis) and one on the underside. Naturally, I searched to make sure everything was ok. Always a terrible idea. I came across words such as Mondor’s disease, thrombosis, blood clot, etc. However, as usual, the sites and descriptions of symptoms were not consistent. Self diagnosing is always bad, so I would like to ask more experienced people of your opinion.

My “symptoms” (not really symptoms, nothing seems wrong) are:
- More prominent veins near right side of base. Not visible when flaccid, visible when erect, slightly visible just after erection subsides.
- No pain at all
- Squishy feeling, not hard (like vein on hand for example, soft)

I have to say, it amost seems like penile lenghtening has caused these to appear. My sense is that there is almost a suspension bridge effect happening, where lengthening caused the veins to raise a little. Being paranoid, I just want to be sure.

Problem solving with fire.

You have no symptoms. You are normal.

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
You have no symptoms. You are normal.

I gotta stop reading the injuries forum. Thanks. Apparently I just have one giant ass vein on the side of my dick…

Problem solving with fire.

That happens when pumping with a large tube. Is that from pumping?

I’ve actually never pumped, only done jelqing by hand.

Problem solving with fire.

As far as I know and from what I read, that is one of the things that WILL happen when you start PE and when you are doing it right, because basically PE exercises and equipments are designed to increase blood flow into the penis plus other effects.

Because of this blood flow increase, the veins HAVE to enlarge too.

I might be wrong but this is my opinion based on other threads.

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