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Big nasty veins

Big nasty veins

It’s clear that a variety of PE exercises increase the prominence of surface veins. I’m by no means a newbie to PE, but I don’t have what I consider to be big nasty veins (my girlfriend would call them scary-looking) — and I don’t want them.

Anyone have a good idea of what exercises/routines/etc. Encourage veins to rise to the surface so severely as what some men have?

My veins are visible, but no more than I want them to be. I’d like to have more information on this vein-rising business, so I am better informed on what stuff to avoid.

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Jelqing and other manual exercises that encourage blood-flow will likely increase vascularity, as will pumping. Hanging and stretching seem less likely to cause “nasty looking veins,” but they are safer when a penis has first been “conditioned” via jelqing.

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Just another example of “what’s music to one is noise to another”.

I am average in terms of wang-vascularity, but would LOVE to get some big, angry looking veins bursting from my cock. Seems extra healthy and manly to me…


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I agree with Cdr. Blop. If you increase over time your penile arterial efficiency, you will then have less chance of developing one of the vascular forms of ED later in your life. From reports here, few women run away from a veiny cock. Raised eyebrows? yes.



If you are a veteran to PE for longer than one year, you probably do not have to worry about acquiring the grotesquely exposed arterioles. Every serious veteran will have a noticeably larger vascular infrastructure, however, the extent is usually more genetic than anything.

Seriously excessive jelqing (like in the usage of clamps) will exacerbate the appearance of arterioles at the surface. A larger penis is the result of greater blood volume being delivered to the structure, so you should not be ashamed of larger pipes (it is a necessity). Gals will have different reactions to the appearance but once inside they may forget their prejudices.

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I agree with Cdr. Blop too, just because I think it can give even smaller dicks a larger more solid look. I want them to help emphasise my girth a bit more. Even if my shaft doesn’t get far over 5” at least a few veins poking out quite a way will make it look wider overall, and also add to the female’s pleasure during intercourse. Wouldn’t need ribbed condoms any more! :D

Besides, there’s something else about a cock rippling with pulsating veins that does make it seem more manly to me also. Maybe its just from the traditional look of body builders or something (I also want a lot of bulging veins on my arms!)

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I agree with Cdr blop( I really like that name!) and avocet 8 and rifor. The more veins the better. I’ve noticed more and bigger ones since starting ulis. I have some veinous leakage so any improvement in vascularity means better erections. Plus, I think it looks rugged and manly. To each his own.

I bodybuild also, and I’m not big into vascularity. Unless body fat is about 4%, there’s no need for your body to send those veins to the surface, in my mind. Excessive vascularity has always seemed to me like your muscle tissue is starved for oxygen — I don’t know if I made that up, or if I read it somewhere. If it’s genetic after all, then I have nothing to worry about. A little vein bulge is good, and that’s what I have. I’ve been doing stretches and jelqing and such for three years or so, off and on. Recently I’m doing it a lot more, after I ran onto this site. I don’t think I’ll do any clamping — if I were to guess, that’s probably the #1 exercise for torturing your cock into a vein machine.

It’s funny — before I found this site, I wasn’t sure anyone else was aware that PE could be successful. Any of my brief searches in the past led me to places selling information, places that sounded just like bullshit to me, or like selling water by the river.

Too bad pumps are so pricey — I’m tempted to try some moderate pumping .

I also don’t think you should be so worried about the appearance of extra veins — I think it can look good, in moderation — but I am assuming that your taste in dick appearance probably isn’t going to change.

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My veins have veins now

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The bigger the veins, the better it is. I think a dick should look nasty, not cute and pretty.

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