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Grape seed extract can help prevent thrombosed veins

Grape seed extract can help prevent thrombosed veins

I take various supplements and have taken grape seed extract a few times in the past, but far from regularly. I was thinking about starting back taking it and decided to refresh my memory on it’s benefits, why I have taken it. I recalled it had antioxidants, but was wondering what it possibly targeted and other benefits.

So I’m looking it up and I see something I was not aware of before—-probably because I wasn’t so aware of the term thrombosed like I am now after being at Thunder’s and seeing the posts relating to problems with it.

Grape seed extract is said to be good for the prevention of thrombosed veins.

Since I posted this during the night, I’m bumping it in case someone hasn’t seen it that might want to.

Haven’t tried it, but sounds intriguing.

Instead of the pill, I actually eat alot of grape stems, kinda grainy but they are excellent for you.

BTW - who is that girl in your avatar?

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That’s Sarah McLachlan. You may recognise her name as she is a well known singer. The words and music to her songs, which I believe she writes, are great to me.

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