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Sub-skin veins

Sub-skin veins

During the 3 months that I have been peing, the surface veins have increased both in number and size. However, now I can feel (and see) some harder, sub-skin veins. They are deeper down and feel harder than the surface veins. I donĀ“t think they are thrombosed as they run along the entire shaft (and not limited to a single spot as in the case of thrombosed veins). Have anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome? Is it a good sign, a bad sign or just a sign?

I see them

I too see the new veins, but am not sure of what they might do.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

If they feel like a cord or string......

….you have a thrombosed vein.

If you do don’t screw with it as it will only get worse. My thrombosed vein ran from just beneath the head all the way down my shaft and then disappeared into my body.

Thrombosed veins can be any length and are not limited to one spot.

Get an erection and see if this makes the vein any more prominent - if it does i think you have a thrombosus.

If it is thrombosed leave it alone. Seriously. Mine still hasn’t completely healed after 8 weeks. Nightmare.

See Ya,



Could they just be surface veins? I am naturally veiny and have lots of veins all over my body. Also I get many from working out. Even my hands and feet have exposed veins on top of them when I am not tanned. What do u mean feels like a string or a chord? Are thromboised veins supposed to hurt?


I am building a weapon of ass destruction!


I still wonder if it is a throbosed vein because the veins split up in smaller veins which in turn split up in even smaller veins (all of the main veins and the smaller veins are quite hard, though). But they are more noticeable when erect.


That doesn’t sound like a thrombosed vein, I forgot what it’s called does it run the length of the underside of your penis, I read about that being called some kind of ridge but I fogot the name. But it’s suppose to be normal and it just happens to some guys.


Vein growth is normal and good, My veins have veins now.


Hey again...

Dino - it is a thrombosed vein that i have (confirmed by a doc). It ran from just under my head as i say all the way into my body on one side of my penis. It was never there before and then came up after i did some really stupid exercises too soon. It is going slowly - it is reduced to about an inch long and softer than it was - but its still there.

My thrombosis is now just before and after the joint where one vein becomes two, all three of which are hard. The vein is not so close to the surface that i can see it - except when i am erect. I think this sounds very similar to yours Priapos. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but in my opinion it sounds like you have a thrombosis.

Your veins should not, repeat not, be hard. This is a sign of a problem as i see it. Lexx - i am also very vascular and can see most of the veins in my arms, feet etc - but if i play with these veins i can feel them but they are soft and pliable. If you have a vein which feels like a piece of string has been inserted under your skin then ther’s a good chance that this is a thrombosis.

Also it can hurt but doesn’t necessarily.

nb to start with my thrombosis was quite short (about the size it is now - but i tried to get back to it too soon after that disappeared - about 3 days - and this made it much worse)

Priapos - if you have to take an extended break, keep in touch - i know what its like. I’ve been climbing the walls.

The only way to know for sure is to go to the doc and drop your pants - wow isn’t that fun.

See Ya,


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