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this questions is for the jelqing experts...

this questions is for the jelqing experts...

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering any of you’s have experienced faster and better gains with either of these 2 methods of jelqing:

1) Jelqing manually by using the “OK” grip and some lube or…

2) Using the PJ device (the device with the 2 rollers that clamp together)

Ther reason why I”m asking is because with a manual jelq with the “OK” grip it seems as though you cover all around your penis while forcing the blood towards the top, whereas with the PJ device your only compressing the top and bottom of your penis sort of like a pancake and not getting the sides? The way it seems is that manual jelqing targets all around the penis ensuring you get equal pressure while using the PJ device tends to focus on the top and bottom…I”m not sure if any of this matters but that’s why I’m asking for all you expert jelqers out there to let me know if one way has worked better or something, thanks.

I have never used a PJ, but I know of Gandolf (of the video series) who used the PJ for a while and then moved on to hand jelqs, which he found more effective.


I had a PJ device and it was OK. The foam from all the rollers tore off. One time the roller popped off while I was using it and cut my dick. I said Fuck this and threw it away. I feel you can get a much better jelq wet or dry from just using your hands.

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