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Thinking about getting a heat pad

Thinking about getting a heat pad

Hey guys, I’m only a few workouts into this PE stuff, but so far it seems like a positive experience so I think I’m going to invest in a heat pad. Is there anything specific I should look for? How about safety concerns? I’m probably going to get one on eBay, and I would like to spend less than 30 bucks, so any recommendations or advice as far as safety or a product would be great.

Target in the pharmacy section for about $15 the one with a 11” X 14” pad by Kaz.

I found the one I use at Walmart for about $12.95. It has a removable cloth cover and an insert you can wet for moist heat. It’ll will prove to be an indispensable part of your PE arsenal.

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Moist heat pads are better, but the one by Kaz I have as well, and it’ll do in a pinch. I also use it to do weighted towel lifts it’s a good weight for that.

At $30 on e-Bay I’m guessing you’re looking into some sort of electrical heating pad. Don’t bother. You can make a rice sock for the price of a cheap pair of socks and some rice that will be way better.

You want moist heat at best, or if not that then at least passive heat (like the Kaz pad).

Keep the electrical cords out of it.

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Yeah, rice socks are one of the best tools of the trade for PE warmup.

A heating pad is great if you pump, and wanna wrap the cylinder to stay warm and pumped.

Finally, for jelqing I like to use an infrared lamp for constant heat.

Heat is an important part of PE, and there are lots of useful tools at our disposal…

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Could someone explain what the advantage of moist heat is?

Hey thanks a lot guys. By the way, I was always very skeptical about all of the penis enlargement pop ups and banners and I would have never gotten started if it wasn’t for these great forums that speak the truth.

Infra red

Can anyone recommend an infra red lamp? They seem to have disappeared from the market here (Aus) and the only ones available are the huge expensive professional ones physiotherapists use.



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