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Clamps, Heat, Hypoxia

Clamps, Heat, Hypoxia

I’ve just started clamping this week and noticed something odd:

When I clamp real tight, after about 15-20 minutes the colour starts to darken to the point where I’m thinking I should get some fresh blood in.

Today I was doing the same thing for a couple of sets, then I decided to use my IR heat pad over the top. After no more than 3 or 4 mins I took it off to check it and it was Scary Dark Purple! I let the blood in and it went to a nice healthy pink colour, so I repeated without the heat pad. Again, it was about 15mins before the colour went to the point where I thought it better to realease it. I repeated again with the heatpad, checking every 1 minute, and it went the colour purple within about 2 or 3 minutes.

Does anybody have any insight into this? Does heat burn up oxygen in tissues quicker? I’m just wondering if there’s a lesson in here (apart from don’t clamp your penis :)

Anyhow, you’ll be glad to know that buddy is doing well. He’s nice and pinky and seems no worse for the event. I’m just glad I noticed soon enough.

I don’t go much over 10 minutes when I clamp since there’s zero bloodflow. It gets purple on me after a few minutes, but pinkens up immediately when I unclamp. I really haven’t noticed any difference when I apply heat when clamped.

Try kegeling when your clamped. It helped blood flow get through.

Heat might increase metabolic activity, which consumes oxygen more quickly. Maybe that’s what’s going on.

Originally Posted by Shiver
Does heat burn up oxygen in tissues quicker?

Sounds logical to me. Heating up the skin cells, making them use oxygen faster.

I have used a clamp only a few times. I’d rather be safe and stay under 10 minutes than do it for as long as you did.

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