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The wife found my p.e equipment


The wife found my p.e equipment

Hey guys, I was away on the weekend and the wife decided to clean out the study. Fearing the worse I checked my p.e equipment hiding spot and my pump, hanger, clamp, tape, lube has all gone. I didn’t think she would throw my stuff out so I searched and found it all in a bag, neat and tidy not far from where I originally hid it. We have been together for 20 years and she’s very understanding but I am not sure weather to say anything or just wait for her to mention it. Anyone have a similar thing happen to them?

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Don’t say anything if she doesn’t ask.

I think I would talk to her about it, she may be waiting for you to say something or maybe she doesn’t know what any of it is for? I think it’s obviously out there now if she found it and put it all away, so this may be an opportunity to explain it and talk about it with her, answer her questions, and it may even make it easier for you to do your workouts without having to stealth PE anymore.

Mine loves to tease me about it.

Honesty has consequences.

I doubt she even knows what its for or why you have it. I have all kinds of shit in the junk drawer that everyone between my mom to various women have asked. Whats this for or whats this do. I would not say anything.

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The military solution: Don’t ask, Don’t tell !

My wife found my rice sock once. I told her it was to heal sore muscles.

Just say “sooo ya found my cock pump huh?” I made sure to tell my girlfriend that I pump sometimes because I enjoy it. No sure she totally gets the point of it but she knows just in case. She has yet to see it though. We don’t live together but if someday she should find it I won’t feel totally awkward. Stealth does suck. She likely don’t know what the other stuff is for but I wouldn’t feel so ashamed of admitting to having a pump. I’m sure she knows what that is for. And honesty should be important in marriage.

Do not talk about your toy before she do . You are married 20 years and she can’t find your hiding place, she is a good woman but why she did not ask you?:D

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Telling my wife was the best thing I did !

She’s not bothered and it now means I get peace to get on with it without having to sneak around.

Originally Posted by capernicus1
Telling my wife was the best thing I did !
She’s not bothered and it now means I get peace to get on with it without having to sneak around.

I agree totally.. Then you can do your PE with more relaxed moments both in mind and body.

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I’m lucky, I do whatever PE I want to in front of my wife. I’ll pump, hang or whatever routine I’m doing at the time. She has asked why I was doing that or what is that supposed to do?

No way I would tell anyone about P.E.

Relationships change over time.

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I’m lucky too. I told everything to may wife the first day and never had problems with PE workout.

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