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Subtle way to do fowfers

Subtle way to do fowfers

As I’m sure a lot of people here work

Has anyone found a way to do fowfers in an office?

You obviously can’t just put your hand down your trousers and pull your penis up your ass crack without people noticing

Has anyone found a more subtle way of doing this? :P

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I never fail to be amazed at the quaintness of some members questions.

And I imagine there are members who never fail to be amazed at the quaintess of my answers

I can, however, offer two solutions -

1. You could tie a ribbon around the penis just underneath the head/glans. When you get to work attend the toilets, and wind the ribbon under your crotch up the back under the shirt down an arm available for pulling with a hand..

When approaching your desk you can slide your hand though your shirt at the front, make contact with said ribbon and a gentle pull will place it firmly between your buttocks where you can then sit firmly on your penis.

2.You could cut a hole in one of your trouser pockets and use to this manipulate your penis through your legs, sub ball-bag and anus, pushing firmly to get the little beggar in the right position before lowering your body onto it.

You can think up various reason for the acrobats being performed by muttering loudly to yourself “lumbago” or “new shoes” even “spider down my back”

Other methods are to bribe the office boy to reach under and dare I say over. However he might demand a fee for the service rendered.

Other more direct but less excusable, whilst manipulating your unit are:

Having a fit

Shouting ‘look out a mouse’ Then using a more direct method of adjustment while they are looking for said mouse.

Tying a shoe lace. But how you achieve the desired action is your problem

Putting you hand up your trouser leg whilst muttering loudly ‘damned suspenders’. For this you will have to wear sock suspenders which will make you an object of interest and allow any weird action to be overlooked

I am sure members generally may be ablle to offer further solutions . I leave yourself in their hands.

Now there’s a thought.

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Hillarious post

I adjust in the bathroom and try to get back to my desk with my cheeks squeezes lol

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