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Just starting and Fowfers

Just starting and Fowfers

I never knew this site existed… otherwise, I would have been here a lot earlier =)

Anyway, new person here and just went through the newbie routine but I just recently discovered the whole “fowfer” technique. Considering I’m more aiming for increases in the flaccid state, I want to know how to incorporate the technique into the the newbie routine. The last thing I want to do is over-stress my “little friend.” I tend to always have a good hour or so sitting in front of my computer, so this technique seems real beneficial taking my goals into account.

I’m thinking that I can “fowfer” sometime during 1 half of the day and go with newbie routine in the other (like fowfer sometime between morning and noon and newbie routine in evening or vice versa). I’m pretty much going to follow the 2 on / 1 off newbie routine, with Fowfers maybe being on the first day of newbie routine (so fowfers being 1 on / 2 off) But, perhaps fowfers is still okay being following on / off days as newbie routine? Or too stressful? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance =)

I’m not really familiar with fowfers, and I wouldn’t have replied except that nobody else has. My impression is that fowfers are an advanced technique and that you shouldn’t try them for a while.

Somebody will probably correct me, but if I were you I’d wait for more info. I don’t want to see you hurt yourself. Also, try the “search” function.

Being a passive flaccid “exercise” Fowfers are probably not very stressful, at least not like jelqs or manual stretching. Just be mindful of the circulation. After about 10 to 15 minutes, let the boy out for some fresh bloodflow before putting him back again.

The there’s the “what do I do with my balls?” thing:
Fowfers and Testes
To bisect or not to bisect



I always thought fowfers were meant to be done for a hold for no greater then 90 secs. 10-15 mins? Do you mean after several stretches up to 15 mins, or have I read up on fowfers wrongly?

The Fowfer was introduced by fow1, a veteran PEer who has made significant gains, on the PEForums board. That forum group had some problems with trolls a few years back and some of their older posts were lost. Luckily, Thunder’s Place had some of the more significant posts archived. Here is fow1’s original post on the exercise.

It involves pulling the flaccid penis between the legs (toward the anus) and then sitting on the flaccid member. You can feel a significant stretch at the base when this is done properly. Fow1 said he never went beyond 90 minutes of stretching. I’m recommended shorter periods to help restore circulation.

Thanks for the responses, I figure I’ll just take it easy and go with the newbie routine as is until I get used to everything.


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