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Plenty of people have told me 2days on / 1 day off. Does this include my 100kegels I do daily.

Also, You receive gains from the healing on the 1day off. Would Stretching even for 1-2minutes really hurt or help you ligaments.

Took a 2minutes stretch today(fowfer). Followed by a 5minute hot wrap. No strain or pain. After reading ruz_ and King’s post on the forums. I’ve came to the idea, stretching 2minutes on my day off followed by a hot wrap should be fine. Of course at any point in time pain starts to set it. I will go ahead and take the whole day off. I know some of you disagree with the stretching on my day off. But, I’ve been reading post Slightly adjusting the newbie routine shouldn’t put me at risk, if I feel it’s my limit.

2days on
5minute hot wrap. I’ve came to decide 25x2 jelq each hand with a 50kegel before jelq and 50kegels after jelq. Also with a 5minute stretch before jelq and possible a 1-2minute stretch after(depending on the feeling my body gives me.) ending with another 5minute hot wrap.

1day off
1-2minute stretch followed by a 5minute hot wrap.

With the extra stretching(if possible without pain or injury)hoping for Clamping in about month and half. If everyone on the forum somewhat agrees with me. Looking forward to more feed back from the advanced clampers.

Zombiedrool, I think what you say has some logic. There is not set routine for success.

As regards stretching, you can argue a day off really isn’t required.

However, for some things, such a jelqing, time off is advised, because healing is needed.

However, I take the view why rush? The 2 on, 1 off newbie routine has worked for many. It is quite a safe approach with good feedback of success. My view on PE is long term, I’m in this for years if needed and so doing the newbie routine for 2-3 months on 2 on, 1 off is part of the process, there is plenty of time for experimenting, but who knows, I may achieve my goals without going into more complex and risky areas?

I’d say to you if you are new do the newbie routine as suggested for 2 months. In your haste to make best use of your day off, you may just find a injury which could set you back months.

As a final point, I kegel most days. Doing the odd fowfer on a day off cannot hurt.

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I believe you can kegel to your heart’s content. Every day wouldn’t hurt a thing. If you get a little sore like I do after a Kegel routine though, you might want to take a day off (not saying you should). The truth is I don’t really care for Kegels too much, so I miss more days than not.

There has been some recent discussion over whether or not you can stretch every day. I believe you could, but I dislike stretching more than I dislike Kegels, mostly because it makes my hands so sore. I agree with Ruz though: why rush it? PE is a marathon not a sprint. For most of us, it becomes part of our lifestyle. Nothing magical is going to happen: this takes time, patience, and hard work.

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