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I know how essential stretching is to PE, but I have an issue staying flaccid. With any slight tug, my soldier stands at attention. Anyone know any “special techniques” to keep the penis flaccid so I can actually stretch?

Maybe you could masturbate first then stretch?

Originally Posted by Kegelman
Maybe you could masturbate first then stretch?

How would he do the rest of his workout then though? I thought you weren’t supposed to do it before your workout, especially right before it. Correct if I’m wrong though of course.

No dedication + No self-discipline = No Gains. This goes for working out as well. It\'s elementary math kids.

Starting Date: 1-17-05 - EL: 6 in. EG: 5.125 in. ... or 5 2/16 in. ..FL: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in. FG: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in.

14th Check-In Date (much 'rest time' so far): 10-01-06 - EL: 7 1/16 in. EG: 5 9/16 in. ................ FL: 5.00 in. ... or 5 in. FG: 4.75 in. ... or 4 12/16 in....1st Goal: EL: 7 in. EG: 5.75 in ... or 5 12/16 in.

I thought you we’re supposed to stretch before (not B4) the workout. I have seen it this way in many progress reports, etc.

The answer is already out there. It’s still not been proven that stretching before jelqing has any privileges (although it seems logical to me that stretching first would help jelqing, for the same reason a latex balloon is easier to blow up after being stretched.) You could masturbate an hour or so before PEing or you could let your unit get used to being handled, you should have total control over it after a few weeks or so. If I’m wrong then please correct me.

Good Luck

It takes alot of patience and time to get going on a good routine. I remember waiting for erections to subside so I could continue. Like Jesse said, once you have handled your dick on a daily basis for long periods of time, it will become accustomed to the abuse and soon you will have some sort of control. Good luck and hang in there.

I jelq 1st, then I stetch. This way, I have a hard erection when jelqing, and little soldier doesnt want to stand after an intense jelqing session, so it is the perfect time to stretch.

“So you are saying that I have to develop a relationship with my penis and understand it better. NO problem, that I definitely have. But the masturbating thing does not really work for me because I “recover” from ejaculation in like 5-10 minutes. Weird, huh?! I’ll give it another go, I guess.”

Don’t sweat it gooseneck. After a couple of weeks your guy will get used to the handling and willl let you work without having to stop so much. My advise would be work through it. Think of your grandma or baseball or something.


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