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Stretching = suspicious - what alternatives?

Stretching = suspicious - what alternatives?

I’m just starting out and contrary to all the paysites this board seems genuine. You guys made me wanna give it a try.

Now, i’m hesitant on stretches for two reasons.

First, stretching seems all too similar to hanging which MUST involve danger somehow. I’ve heard/read it wears things out from far too many sources. Any facts available on this topic?

Second, i’m already 7.3” with near 6” girth and i’m into this mainly because my penis feels “weak”. For example i go spaghetti sometimes during sex. I’m 23 so this shouldn’t be an age thing. Also i go off too early more than half the times.

What exercises could you guys recommend to make things a bit more rock steady here? I’m currently on jelqing and kegels with plenty of warmup/cooldown to keep things safe. Also, my recent sex partners have been well able to cope with my size so i’d figure a tiny bit more wouldn’t hurt. Or am i just having twisted ideals here? =)


I too when starting out was sure hanging must be dangerous. Especially when all the paysites say so :)

Properly applied, It’s not. There is a dedicated hanger’s forum here. Ton’s of info for you to peruse. One of the biggest gainers of all times, Bib, got all his length from hanging. I’ve tried it, and if you know what you are doing and have the time and privacy, it is the way to go.

However, I manual stretch due to privacy and time constraints. You will be hard pressed to injure yourself my stretching alone when flaccid.

Sounds like you need to continue the kegels and jelqing, they should have your boner raging in no time. From there, the sky is the limit. Design the penis of your dreams, and many here will help you build it. Good Luck :)

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23 with flagging erections and premature ejac at times?

In all likelihood this is a psychological issue, however see your doc. If you have a normal libido then your testosterone level is probably ok, however if you fail to improve erections with whatever advice/treatment (maybe a trial of viagra) then he may consider ordering levels. If your libido is off then he might want to test you right off.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Definitely stick to a jelq focused PE routine. You’ll probably gain some length and girth, and your erections will be rock hard from the jelqing. Add kegels to that and your women better watch out!

Personally, my dick can’t handle manual stretching, but it is responding very well to 10 minute jelqing sessions, 1 day on/ 1 day off (plus before and after hot wraps).

You’re probably right, it’s likely to be psychological. i’m still a bit stumbling in bed (but other ways of pleasing make me much more excited). Gotta work on that :-)

Welcome, Mace. I don’t think you’ll find a more genuine forum than here. The knowledge and support available is invaluable.

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