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Stretching question-

Stretching question-

Am I correct in assuming that when stretching you should stretch untill you feel pain just to know your limits? How hard are you supposed to tug? Are you supposed to feel it being pulled out of the body a little or something?

You never want to feel pain. What you want is a good stretch. I know it’s really hard to describe, but the safest bet is to slowly find your limits by building up to it. Don’t go pulling with all of your force first time out but don’t go too easy either. I don’t really know what you mean about feeling it being pulled out of your body.

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i think the feeling he speaks of is when it is actually in the ‘stretch’ so to say… i feel what he speaks of and that is the area where I hold it… if i pull harder it will slowly break into a pain… if i don’t pull it to the point where it feels like it is being pulled out of the body, i feel like i am just holding myself… or no stretch…

In any stretch you will want to feel a mild discomfort, not pain. Pain is not good when it comes to PE guys, remember that. If it causes pain, you need to back off. However, a mild discomfort is to be expected when stretching, that tells you that the stretch is effective.

Now, repeat after me:

No pain means gains,

No pain means gains,

No pain means gains.

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Hey inflamer my man listen to these guyz they know what theyr talkn about!!!! Dont hurt urself!!!

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