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Stretching only for flaccid gains?

Stretching only for flaccid gains?

In the past month I have heard that stretching is only for flaccid gains. What? I have always read that they were for erect gains as well. Do tunica stretches work for erect gains? I hope some one will chime in and clear this up for me.

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You may get some erect gains from stretching. But it is jelqing that produces the best erect gains.

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Originally Posted by kingpole
You may get some erect gains from stretching. But it is jelqing that produces the best erect gains.

You just lost all credibility

BTW, your progress/routine thread: Discipline pays off
you got any pics to support the claimed 7.8” NBP…?

Inquiring minds want to know

Why would he lie?

Kingpole is a vet here!

Back in your box Aggro! And learn to pay respect where it is due.

Aussie, the man just asked a simple question which is allowed.

But on a more serious note, I think jelqing does produce the best gains generally. It is one of the more verstile exercises in PE. I dont know for others but I can safely say that 70% of my girth gains come from jelqing, the rest is horses.

IMO, stretching works more for flaccid length than erect. While it may hit the tunica somewhat, it generally hits the ligs meaning a lower flaccid hang.

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