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Stretching Method a Maybe

Stretching Method a Maybe

Hi all! I’m BBear87. Somewhat of a forum lurker, but I participate occasionally!

I was pondering about how to make it easier to stretch my unit since I have difficulty getting a good grip, even with assistance (baby powder, wet rag, etc).

Then it hit me.

I had several C-Clamps… in assorted sizes from when I first bought them over a year ago.

I thought to myself, “Hmm. What if I used one of the smaller clamps to clamp onto my unit about an inch below my glans, and used it to stretch with?”
and with a whoosh, I went to get it!

It worked wonderfully, though I had to experiment with the grips to hold it… I ended up using a “wanking” grip… basically enclosing my unit between my fingers and my palm and pulling outward with it. I was able to keep it stretched without experiencing tiredness in my finger grips.

If done with BTC’s, you can use your index and middle finger to pull it in that direction. it works well.

All I had to do was close the clamp with just enough clicks to keep it on but not enough to keep the blood stuck in the upper part of the unit or risk killing the tissues within the clamped part.

This is still under “research”. If you want to try it, do it at your own risk and listen to your Unit if something doesn’t feel right. You may feel some pinching when closing the clamp, but that’s a simple fix.. get a piece of adhesive velcro and put it against the clamp or adjust the clamp so it doesn’t pinch you when pushing it together… this may take some time to figure out.

Comments welcome.

Start: 7.5" BPEL 4.75 EG.

Goal: 8" BPEL, 5.5 EG permanent. (or 8.5 x 6)

Start Date: Feb 10th 2010

I am a bit confused with the whole stretching an inch below the gland. I know this is the best technique but when I pull my foreskin back (so’s not to over stretch the skin) and try to grip an inch below and stretch my grip just ends up sliding right below my glands?

Advice and thoughts please

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It’s just a recommended guideline so that you don’t end up pulling on your glans. If the skin is slipping through, you’re just gonna have to grip tighter. You could also try talcom/baby powder or some cloth to help you grip. I never really got the hang of it either, I think it’s harder for uncircumsized guys such as myself. I eventually built a captain’s wench and used that for my manual streching.

You can also use this same idea for hanging. Use your same wrap and clamp, just add a round barbell weight to slide onto your unit above the clamp.

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