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Critique this stretching method!

Critique this stretching method!

I have found a variation of manual stretches that feels quiet effective, but I would like other opinions…….

Use the traditional method for the manual stretch, but then ad your other hand behind the first, and use your forefinger and middle finger to grasp the middle of the shaft and pull, it takes about half the pressure off of the front of your member and puts pull inside your body, like it’s pulling the inner ligs!

Try it! It seems to work well for what short time I’ve been doing it.

Remember though to keep your first hand pulling at the base of the head as well.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now myself and you’re right, the pull you get on your ligs is tremendous. I recommend it.

Its hell on your hands though.

Good post 7, hopefully others will try this.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll try it. Somewhat off topic…what would the vets consider as too much manual stretching? During a session, I put in about 25 minutes, then jelq. After my session…say and hour or two later, I’ll stretch more if I’m not busy. Doing random stretches throughout the day…does anyone think this may be too much stress? Or is it a relative thing (depends on my body)?

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I’m no vet, but I’d say that as long as your cock feels ok the next day then you should be ok. The best thing to do is listen to your body, if it says stop then do as you’re told, if it doesn’t, keep pulling. I think that a lot of us do some stretches while taking a pee and anytime we can find a quiet moment. As long as you bare in mind that you are not warmed up, so don’t try and pull the thing off, you should be fine.


Starter, we will all critique it in a few months. If you have gains, it’s great. If not, back to the drawing board. On this board, results rule.


Starter and Mugwomp, I tried this and didn’t get the effect you two spoke of. But then again, I really didn’t understand your technique. Would you please describe it again and add alot more detail? Like specifically what hand to pull with among other thinigs? Thanks guys.

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Just want to bump this one up to see if these guys are still around and if this type stretching actually produced bigger gains for those who tried it. The thread sort of ended abruptly, but it looked like Starter7777 may have been on to something. What about it? Any of you guys still around?


I tried it during my session earlier in a slightly different way & I would definately say I felt a deeper stretch, the inside of my penis felt something I had not endured before. The way I did this technique was with an overhead grip I pulled a firm stretch then I used a C/Pinch style grip in the middle & as I pulled forward I released the first hand slightly so I wasn’t going overboard. I had to grab from on the base & top so I could hold back the skin. I tried the way you originally said & if I’m correct you grabbed on each side of your penis with a V style finger formation. I felt this to be nice aswell. If you help me gain that desired extra couple of inches, I owe you :) . Nice technique.

Thanks for the reply Hughgreck. I think I am going to try this form of stretching in a week or so along with my normal stretches. We’ll see how it works.


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