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Stretch ligs or penis tissue

Stretch ligs or penis tissue

While I am not a newbie I thought this would be the best place for this post, I am a bit confused about something, when I pe’d in the past I always used to stretch with the intension of extending the ligaments at the base of my penis, however reading up a bit now a lot of excersises seem to be directed at stretching the penis tissue itself. Which is best for length gains? Or are both equally good?


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What gives you gains is good in my opinion :) .

If you are going to get larger, everything must stretch and expand together. Certainly one of the hardest areas to stretch are the ligaments and that is why that area gets most of the attention.

So even if you have a low LOT ie. 6/7, should you still stretch the ligs? That’s the one thing I haven’t got my head around, so I just pretend the LOT thing is irrelevant, and stretch ligs in all directions, and the tissue.

Keep telling yourself that LOT isn’t important and continue doing what you are doing.

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