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Semi hard penis ruining stretch

Semi hard penis ruining stretch

I’ve been pe’ing for close to 8 months now but havent really followed a strict schedule. But ive done quite abit of PE so im not really a newbie and my dick has become conditioned for more advanced techniques. But one thing ive noticed lately with manual stretching, is that as soon as I grasp just below the head to pull, it seems like my penis becomes rigid and it ruins my stretch. What I mean by rigid is that my dick becomes sort of semi hard but its not an erection. It feels like it just becomes filled with blood and it really ruins the quality of my stretch. Funnily enough, ive never hard this problem until recently. Anyone know any pointers to help me out.

I stretch now with what I call full flaccid. Maybe up to 80%. I have not had any negative effects and still feel like I get a great stretch.

A lot of guys masturbate a half hour to an hour before a PE session.

Or you can try and think about something to ruin the erection. Picture the twin towers or David Hasselhoff. You’ll go limper than a sea eel.

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