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Straightening left-upward curve

Straightening left-upward curve

I know I have been told before to just do the newbie routine and leave straightening for later, but my curve hides a lot of length I think. It’s pretty difficult to measure my penis correctly at 100% erection because it curves left and upwards at the same time. Also, my shaft seems to lean to the left a lot more than I would like it too.

I kinda went too hard on myself during todays session and need to take a break for a few days. Are there any simple techniques I can add to the newbie routine to a least straighten my penis a little? It curves so much, I thought I had peyronie’s disease! I don’t think I have peyronie’s really, but that’s how bad the curve is. Honestly, despite my signature, I am even more concerned with having a moderately straight penis than anything.

I would really appreciate some advice.

Try to be be patient Juas, there are a limited number of people who would have experience in this.

You can of course use the search function at the top right and do a bit of reading, or there is a couple of threads listed below in the similar threads box.

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I’m no pro but I’d suggest jelqing against the curve, not necessarily to the extreme other end but to the point of almost jelqing straight ignoring the curve (going up against it if there is one)

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