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Upward curve is genetic or caused by hard erections that being kept in our pants


Upward curve is genetic or caused by hard erections that being kept in our pants

I have a big upward curve, that makes my little unit, to look even smaller.
The curve starts from about 2 inches of the tip of my penis.

I just wanted to know if my penis had bent over time (I remember I always have had hard erections in my underwear), or if I had it from the day I was born?

Do you think it’s genetic? For guys that have an upward curve, it helped you in any way? My GF lately said that my penis has a “scoliosis”, that wasn’t really comforting, but she haven’t saw any penis other then mine and she didn’t mean to harm me, she told me that it’s bent and it was the first time she saw the curve. (I’ve explained her that a lot of men has a banana shaped penis and that there are a lot of penis shapes)

Do you think it’s fixable? Can I change the incline of my curve in any way?

Thanks a lot :)

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Mine’s always been curved. (at least as long as I can remember having erections,since I was about 5) I’m glad it’s curved.

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I also have a slight upward curve. What caused it, I have no idea. But like spaghettidick said, an upward curve is great for G spot stimulation while in the missionary position or some variation of it, so consider yourself lucky.

The first time my current girlfriend “felt” or enjoyed missionary was with me and she attributes it to my upward curve. Trust me it’s a good thing.

Upward curves are great. I had lost mine due to ED. But ballooning brought it back.

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Yep, having a banana shaped unit is a good thing!

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God bless Bananas! Hehehe!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Upward curves are genetic.

Upward curves are good! :D

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maybe you just have peyroines like me?

Girls seem to love my curved cock, and it’s pretty damn curved!

Originally Posted by OS_q
but she haven’t saw any penis other then mine

Dude she’s for sure seen other dicks - maybe not in person, but I’d say it’s impossible for a girl of age to not have seen a few cocks.

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Mine has a downward curve. It’s much worse than upward I think. The problem is that the curve is almost 80 degrees downward, starting in the middle of my penis.

As far as I know, it has always been like that.

Most have a slight upward curve, a downward curve isn’t as common. Can a downward curve be caused by hanging, and how can it be corrected?

Mine curve de la morta is downward also. Don`t know exactly the angle, but it`s definitely nothing negative in terms of performance. I woudln`t dare to state which one`s better but I sure know one thing.. It`s how you use it that makes a difference. So if you`re in the “slightly depressed banana club” take that bitch doggy style and she`s gonna tell you who`s her daddy.

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