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Left curve correction theory

Left curve correction theory

This just dawned upon me while working on my suddenly curving to the left more unit.

I had one thought about my recent increased leftward curve.

I jelq and masturbate with my right hand. Now, I have always tried to jelq to the right but no matter what it didn’t correct my curve.

It seems like the right side is fatter and rounder, where as the left side is tighter.

I’ve been jelqing a lot more these days and it seems to coincide with the exaccerbating of my leftward cruve.

So I examined my right hand. When you make the ok sign for jelqing, what part of my hand is rubbing against my more developed right side? the webbing and softer part of my hand. What is up against the tighter less developed left side? The bones of my thumb and index finger. Here’s my theory:

Because the webbing is soft and pliable on my right hand, any inflating of the CC on the right side will have more room to expand than that of the left side (which is met with the bone hard surface of my fingers). It doesn’t matter which direction I jelq towards because the surface is hard and the left side can’t expand as much as the right side.

Add to that masturbating for over two decades with my right hand and it seems very plausible that I’ve caused my own leftiness! When I was younger, I MB’d a LOT!

So I’m going to try (as unnatural as it feels) to use my LEFT hand from now on.

Does this make any sense at all?

Yep its been said before. Most people are right handed and most people have a left curve

I have a left curve also. I remember noticing it ever since I started MB’ing when I was like 11. I Mb’d alot also… like at least once a day for years. Ever since I noticed it I started using overhard grip w/ my right hand and have been doing this for years but it hasn’t helped anything. I think the damage was done when my penis was still developing.

Anyways my pe routine consists of alot of clamped erect bends that target the left cc. As extreme as that might sound, I have tried alot of corrective exercises and its the only one showing any potential. I am also taking enzyme supplements and vit E. I have also recently started pumping in a 1 5/8th tube which i pack easily even at 4.xx girth.

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The only reason I care to correct it is because my gf complains of pain on the side that my penis is curving depending on the position we are in. She dosen’t straight out say its cause my penis is curved but she is like it hurts on this side and points to the right side of her lower stomach area. Its quite frustrating lol.

I was also planning a trip to the urologist to see if he could do anything.

Has anyone tried topical verapmil? I have been looking into this.

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Originally Posted by Balrog
Yep its been said before. Most people are right handed and most people have a left curve

Ditto. I’m right-handed, left-curved. I remember reading a study on the web about this some time ago. Your theory is documented.

Well, I just hope I’m not too late. I’ve also decided to try to do a modified squeeze that focuses only on the left CC. I did a miniscule amount of left handed jelqs and left CC squeezes and it seemed to respond already. Of course, as the erection diminished, it started leaning/curving over to the left again. I have some hope that this will work.

I’ve also adjusted the tension to be a bit higher on the left side of my Penimaster.

There’s one other factor: Rotation.

You see, with a slight upward curve, my unit rolls to the left (counterclockwise- as if you were facing the clock). This exaggerates the curve to the left. It has something to do with the fact that my left nut is tighter and doesn’t hang as loosely and nicely as the right. Mabye I need to do ball stretching too?

I think I’ve got what’s called the turkey neck now. I need to look it up to be sure.

I’m right-handed and have a curve to the right…

I think it is much more a matter of nature. No one half side of our body is completely symmetrical to the other half side. In mean this in reference to the natural penis curvature (there are not many completely straight).

Regarding the more severe curvature, this is probably developed in the earlier years as a child, when grow occur. In almost all cases the reason is a collagen plaque on the curved side, that doesn’t allow the CC to totally expand and develop.
This plaque is probably a consequence of an old damage that has been repaired.

That means for me that if you exercise your penis with jelq (for example), the healthy side will develop stronger then the other plaque-builded side, emphasizing the curvature… This is happen to me.



Same here, I’m right-handed and with a left curve, but I don’t think masturbation is the cause of the curvature. Would you normally put enough pressure on the penis to actually shape it when you masturbate?

Another theory is that wearing tight briefs during the growth period can cause the curvature. This seems plausible to me - my left testicle hangs lower than the right, so my penis tends to roll over the the left all the time. In this position and in tight briefs, erections would be constricted more to the left side all the time. It would almost be like doing erect bends to the left for hours a day (I think I had an erection continuously during puberty :D )

im left handed and i curve to the left

id just like to point out its genetic - hardly environmental… I have somewhat of patches of red skin in the underside of my penis which is discolourisation and i believe this would be scar tissue.. but it hasn’t affected my penis too badly, i think my dads a leftie.. infact, i believe a 40% of people have a dick that curves left or right. mostly to the left for some strange reason. I don’t remember doing anything dangerous to my penis to cause it to go left, i think its just natures way of working.. i mean if you looked at your finger it might have joints that curve a specific direction and this wasn’t caused by the environment. anyway, it can be treated by simply jelqing the opposite direction every 6 jelqs or so.. after a month or two you will definately see a change.. also stretch more against the curve to compensate by making growth more rapid on the plaqued side. trust me it works! a curve is perfectly normal!

i remember seeing studies on googles, i don’t have direct links.. but anyway, i think it was jackinworld or something. masturbation no matter what hand you’re does anything! they had the same statistics and ratio of left/right/normal curves for both left handed and right handed. face it guys its genetics, some homosapian millions of years ago had a curved wazzok and its been travelling the gene pool for some time. strangely theyre more left curved penises then right hmm…

I jelq only left handed on most occasions and I have sent my left aimed fella back to the centre. Also if you wear trunks put it cradled on the right to help it’s passive positioning. That and plumped bends are good but with extreme caution.

It could even be a combination of genetics and environmental, maybe on how severe the curve is. I think left feet, hands and fingers are more common to be a bit larger than the right than the opposite. I wouldn’t surprise me if more women have the left breast smaller than the right also..

But which hand is best to use when jelqing for correcting a left curve? Using the right hand, will the thumb and index side create more pressure on the left chamber to make it expand more, or will the soft side make more room for expansion on the right chamber? I’d like to know as well.

l always alternate between hands.. but on the 5th jelq of turning right i squeeze with my right hand.. i don’t know why i just find it too be more suitable and easier to grip. it’s helped.

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