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Stopping my Ejaculate

Stopping my Ejaculate

So I’ve been really committed to my kegel exercises and what I’ve noticed now is that I have the ability to completely stop any sperm from coming out of my penis as I orgasm.

I feel the orgasm, but with my BC muscles flexed no sperm comes out. It’s too bad that I become flaccid afterwords, but within 10 minutes I can have a full erection again.

I’m curious if anyone else might know of any positive or negative aspects of in fact holding in my ejaculate instead of spewing it all over the place.

Thanks for reading!

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Probably your semen is being forced into your bladder and you pee it out later.

But there are others more expert than I who can probably give you a more detaialed answer :)

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If that is the case what petitfaun said, you will notice your urine is turbid.

The other alternative is you have trapped the semen in the prostate. In that case, after a few non-ejaculatory orgasms you must ejaculate to avoid the risk of prostate cancer.

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Originally Posted by cervixhunter
You must ejaculate to avoid the risk of prostate cancer.

Well that’s all I need to know.

Thanks for the help!

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