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How often do you ejaculate a week? Does it hinder gains?

How often do you ejaculate a week? Does it hinder gains?

Some people say you can ejaculate 3-5 hours before or after pe. Other say you should only ejaculate on days off. I ejaculate about once every day. Is this all a bunch of nonsense or should we really limit ejaculation?

Personally I don’t mind if I cum straight after a workout but I make sure that I carry on stretching for 5 or 10mins after to keep it in it ‘post-PE’ enlarged state.

Some people however feel that you shouldn’t ejaculate after jelqing but sometimes I can’t help it and it doesn’t seem to discourage growth. (Perhaps someone else could say more on this)

We’ve covered this in spades. Almost everyone of the vets agrees that ejaculating before, or shortly after PE didn’t limit their gains.

As jelqist says, you will lose some post-pump if you cum right after your session, but so what? This (PE) is a long-term commitment, not a momentary thing.



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Uncut4Big here….

I don’t think cuming right after the ex’s is a smart thing to do. Let your dick come down by itself. You’ll keep that “pumped-up” feeling for a lot longer, which means your dick benefits from it, instead of going into retraction immediately.

Just a thought….

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Do you think a guy will get faster gains if he ejaculates only once a week rather than every day or is that all phoney? This has all to do with testosterone levels, when you ejaculate your t. comes down which may hinder gains am I wrong on this?

That’s worth thinking about. I would guess that a guy who ejaculates daily would have a higher average testosterone level due to the additional stimulation of the testes despite the temporary drop.

I don’t believe ejaculating hinders gains in any way.

Wasn’t there a thread a while back where it was stated T actually rises after ejaculation?

I think ejaculation actually HELPS growth. I know my dick is much more susceptible to stretching after an ejaculation, getting a much better feeling stretch with less force needed.

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I have no idea, nor do I care. If I’d have to adjust my wanking sessions to get optimal gains, I’d feel like a sad person. I usually ejaculate anything from 5-10 times, with 7 on avarage I guess.

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Being hard and all lubed up with baby oil after a jelqing session, I can’t help myself :D

Gaining plenty of girth but hardly any length which is pissing me off.

We have been over this several times. There doesn’t seem to be any connection. Men with wives or partners who have regular sex still gain. Do or don’t ejaculate, it’s up to you. But there hasn’t been any conclusive proof of a link.


What I read in another sexual health forum is, that notorious wankers tend to wank until cumming without a firm erection. This maybe would not hinder gains, but would conflict with firm erections when engaging into sex again (due to negative programming of your member). Therefore what I would make sure as a notorious single wanker: Make sure to edge before you cum !!! This makes the session a positive productive thing… and burns that view of your exploding hard member in your mind, which is favourable.

…just my two Euro cents ;)

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