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Discharge that looks like ejaculate after urination

Discharge that looks like ejaculate after urination

OK, before I go to see an urologist, I came to you guys for help, and I think that you could help me more then an urologist. There are some guys here who really know male anatomy and physiology (I don’t know if there are any doctors here as well), and it is your help that I need.

I have been practicing edging against premature ejaculation for about two years and stopped a few months ago. I think I accomplished all I could with it. In the second half of 2005, I tried not to ejaculate at all on many occasions. The problems began sometime in November, when I somehow prevented the ejaculation when I was excited the most, yet some of the ejaculate dribbled out later in the day after I urinated. Since then I have experienced the following - if I get excited (at all, I don’t have to be very excited) and if I don’t ejaculate, later I will feel light pressure in the lower abdomen and will dribble some ejaculate like discharge after urination. I don’t think that I have an STD, for two reasons. First, before late December last year I have never had unprotected sex with anyone in my life, and since then I’ve only slept with my (now ex) girlfriend, while this symptom began before I was with her (although it got worse in the last months). Second, the symptom only occurs if I was excited and didn’t ejaculate (but I don’t have to be very excited in order for it to occur, moderate excitement even without full erection is enough). Since I try not to masturbate any more (please don’t open up the discussion about that, it doesn’t matter), I will tell you how this looks like. I had a wet dream some 10 days ago. Since then, I didn’t really get excited until some two days ago, and in the meantime I didn’t have this discharge, not even once. However, since I got excited on Tuesday, I dribble out this “ejaculate” after almost every urination. Now, I assume that most of you will now say that it wasn’t normal not to get sexually excited for ten days in the first place, but don’t worry about it. I don’t need to abstain from ejaculation for that long to get this discharge. On many occasions, if I ejaculated once or twice with my ex girlfriend, and then if we didn’t have sex for two days, but if I got even mildly aroused in that time, I would get this discharge within two days from last ejaculation. So, what I am trying to explain is this - excitement - discharge appears. No excitement - no discharge.

I am worried that I somehow damaged my genital organs with over excessive edging. At least, I think that’s something that Dr Lin would say. :)

I don’t think that an ordinary urologist could help me with this, and I am not going to submit myself to the torture of urinary exam unless absolutely necessary. What do you think about the whole thing?

I repeat - no excitement - no discharge (even for almost two weeks).

Sexual excitement - almost immediate post urination discharge that looks like ejaculate.

The edging did not cause any damage, or at least I dont think so. The fact that you had those full prostate orgasms and didnt ejaculated-that`s the problem. I used to press hard with my fingers between the asshole and balls to prevent the ejaculate from coming out, I did not had any problems, but it was a bad habit that I stopped doing it. Some of the ejaculate goes into the bladder.

but when you masturbate or have sex,do you ejaculate normaly?

from what it seems to me is that you have maybe slightly conditioned the genitals,like the prostate to be overly active with the exesive edging.

i think you should stop the edging,by the way:)

and it should come back to normal after that.

because it looks like you get aroused,and your prostate prepares for ejaculation,but in sinchronisation with the pc(because that’s how you have conditioned it),and so,it hapens what hapens.

or maybe you’ve stressed the genitals.

i think if you do ejaculate normaly during ejaculation,you should relax and let the bodily wosdom heal the body.

It is my understanding that this is a normal part of the excitement cycle and not due to your edging. Once excited, the signal goes to allow for pre-cum to coat the inside surfaces of the urethra to protect any sperm that would be released during orgasm. Once this part of the cycle is started, the pre-cum starts its journey. When the excitement subsides and if there is no ejaculation, the pre-cum will eventually drip out, often before, during, after urination.

Pre-cum is usually clear, slippery and stretchy. Stretchy means that if you have some on your finger and then touch your thumb to it and move the thumb away from the finger, it will stretch between the finger and thumb.

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

I agree with grx. Especially if your are abstaining from ejaculation for long periods of time. Precum will remain in the urethra following periods of sexual excitement then be expelled by the force of your urine stream when you do urinate.



Yes, but this discharge is not clear, it looks milky, almost like real ejaculate. Anyway, I hope and think that things are the way growly says.

Does the discharge smell bad or taste differently than your normal ejaculation?

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

I haven’t smelled it or tasted it (well, that would be disgusting, I’ve never tasted my semen either), so I didn’t feel any smell from it at all. I guess if it smelled bad, I would have sensed it.

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