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Stick under Penis - injured at beginning.

Stick under Penis - injured at beginning.

I got injured after a heavier week of PE. (4 very light weeks was done with almost only stretches).

At the first rest day there was a dumb pain, which gotten more on the second day. On the shaft and around the base. The shaft pain - it was more a heavy fatigue feeling - increased by slight pressure already strong. Without any pressure, so without pressure of underpants and without movement the pain was not there.

A recognized a hard flaccid on the third day (only in standing) position. (Maybe it was before already) and also a hardened vein/scar tissue (?) - something hard - like a stick. It’s almost only visible and palpable under IR-light. It is very thin.
This “stick” goes from the left base diagonal right the shaft up and divides after 1-2 cm in 2 strings. A less harder in the middle of the shaft and and one, which goes on diagonal right up. Both hard “strings” stop then after 1 cm.

The strange pain has almost gone, maybe an over-training effect, but the hard flaccid and the stick drive me bit crazy. What could this be? A vein should more visible, or not? What should I do, in addition to full resting?

Routine was jelqing, stretching and an ADS for 5 days (with one rest day between)

Sorry for bad English. Great forum by the way.

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Thanks for answer.
Does a thrombosed vein is looking so?
I had read this thread before, but it seems, that many describe these lymphatic vessel (knots), which is not clearly differentiated there.

Mine string is also thin, like in the picture, but not so long (yet?), on upper side instead underside and not visible in photo pictures.
Only under IR-lamp and little bending this string is real visible. Also it seems, then it is are more palpable, but it is already palpable without that.
I don’t know, whether it’s the heat or the light is the cause for the difference in visibility.

When it is a thrombosed vein - is this a heavy injury and is this linked to the firm flaccid?

It is linked in the meaning that it is the consequence of too much force, not in the meaning that is the consequence of the thrombosed vein - at least by what I know. If you stretch vigorously your pumped penis, chanches are you are going to get a hard flaccid for some days, for example - I got a hard flaccid in this way.

The foremost issue is to cut out the odd that you have a tunica rupture - which doesn’t seem to be the case, since you should have hematoma; beside that, your penis would be oddly shaped.

So either it is a thrombosed vein or a lympathic vessel inflammation. Maybe posting a picture would help. Hearing a Doc would be helpful to calm you down, anyway.

Thanks again to all posters.

I have to add: These strings can not be moved, it is under the shaft skin. In the picture above, it seems like it is on the surface of the shaft skin - which I thought lymphatic vessel inflammation is also.

I had try it, but you can’t see anything in the photos. Neither under IR- nor under normal light.
And my penis is not complete painless. Sometimes there comes some not nearer describable pain and touching the dick feels also not good yet.
May I have to see a doc.

If you get an erection pain goes worse?

No. Never more. On the first 2 days yes, at beginning of erection.

But my boner feels much lighter and not so hard, although it is hard. (Ok, maybe not so hard like before)

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I must said that my routine included also kegels, and at the day before it starts really heavy ab workout in gravity boots.

More symptoms: My first pee today (yesterday now) burned at bit and my glans is cold a little bit.

Pee burned because you somewhat irritated the urethra. Not a big issue IMHO. Cold ‘a little bit’ is not a problem either if don’t have numbness or your glans doesn’t turn dark. Do you still have pain in the shaft? I think you are anxious right now - which is perfectly understandable - so seeing a Doc is the best thing to do. I doubt you have a major damage though.

I wish I could agree you, but I can’t.
I looked up a little bit in the “injury category” and on forum it seems I fall complete in “hard flaccid” category, as a form of cpps.
I checked my body of the symptoms written in the hard flaccid forum.

Abstain of hard flaccid while lying down - yes
Left testicle under pressure (yes goes minimal up with breathing) and since today it hurts sometimes by touching.
Sunken pelvic region - yes
Feeling tense in pelvic region - yes, since today. Especially at anus region.

Pain in the shaft is gone, but around the frenulum there is sometimes pain when moving the skin.

I had hoped this would be a little thing, like 98% percent of the PE injuries, but this would be a longer way to go. Have to end PE before really starting. Shit happens. Tomorrow I will go making a date with my uro.

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