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Starting today ; just a few newB questions


Starting today ; just a few newB questions

I’m 18 , I’ll start my PE journey today(after 5 days of researching ) , My starting measurements :
BPEL : 6”
BPGL : under my glan ; 5.5 mid shaft;5.5” Base ; 5.9”

I have a hard erection(nearly 3 years of kegels)
And I can’t move my penis down ,left or right that good , it seems to be impossible ( not very elastic )
Will it be more elastic after manual stretching and jelqing ?
I’ll start out with the newB routine
The questions :
-Is this an average length/girth ?
- Is this true(got it from an ebook)
“Having a long penis is very important as well though.
Women love the feeling of being stroked. But, most vagina’s are about
5 inches long. This means a 7 inch penis will
Feel the same as a 8.5 inch penis if the girths are the same size.”

*And the most important*

Is there a way I can reach 7” girth , that would be far more than perfect
*Some exercises for girth please* , I think my unit’ is to thin , or I’m just watching to much porn .)

"Is it possible to get from 5.5 to 7”?

Is it better to have a curve or not , and what’s the big matter about the curve

I would say it’s normal, my penis when erect can move up and touch my stomach area, but it does not go as much to the sides or down when erect.

The average length is about 6 inches BPEL and 5 inches MS-EG.

If your trying to make your penis bigger you obviously probably want something bigger than the average erect penis size. If you want it big, but not too big then 6 to 7 inches in BPEL and 5.5 to 6 inches in MS-EG would be optimal. Your already at a great size. If you want it really, really big like me, then you don’t want more than 7 to 8 inches in both BPEL and MS-EG.

Girth is better than length, but both are important. Bigger girth fills them up more allowing them to feel more pleasure or even pain. Bigger girth can be helpful in hitting the female’s g-spot or rubbing the walls of the anus and thus hitting the male’s prostate. Bigger length is good because of the stroke. Bigger length has been said to be useful in hitting the female’s cu-de-sac, but if it hits the female’s cervix it will hurt. Both sexes can get use to a big girth. There is only a certain amount of length a sex can take.

People say length gains are easier than girth gains and gaining more than a inch can take years to achieve. People do experience a rapid amount of growth as a newbie or no growth at all. Stick with the newbie routine and just do more reading.

The curve may or may not be useful.

Thanks a lot man , and yes , I want a big one , my goal is BPEL 7.5 and you sad it’s harder to gain girth than length ,but it’s okay I’m patient , if I can’t reach 7 I will try to reach BPGL 6” , after all there’r even some members without gains :S

First off welcome, second, start with the newbie routine START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info which possibly might give you both girth and length, read through it and don’t rush it. Girth exercises are far more risky than length ones, but show caution whatever you do that involves your unit. This takes time, cannot emphasize that enough, let it become a part of your life.

Good luck gaining, hope you get what you feel you need but you already got a decent size so don’t worry in that department and be thankful for every gain you get, in any direction.

How long does it take to grow 1/2” in length and 1/2” girth ?

I’ve got the opposite problem as you have an 8 inch long penis with a 4.6 inch girth I’m 19 and my penis recently grew in length any ideas on what excercises I should start with?

A good friend of my father did this surgery

Privacy info: Clicking on this image will enable content from
[WARNING F****n* disgusting video]
,After 8 moths of resting he gained nearly 3” in girth.
- Was it worth ?
He said no! , He never had a good (hard) erection after that , his ‘sausage’ was nearly dead .

P.S. His wife called him scarcock

Your girth is pretty big. 5.5-6 is well above the average! I found jelqing to give me good length gains, but almost no girth gains. If length is what you desire, jelqing will certainly help.

Thanks , I started yesterday with 100 3 second jelqs , today I will do the full newB routine (200) , my friend found a funny way for chubby’ guys to gain 1/2 length inch in one week , (worked at least for him) ? It’s actually a funny and crazy way and has to do with the theory “when someone lose 16 kg he gain 1 inch in length”[proven] ,(sorry for my english) , it’s all about the /Fatty Patch Above The Penis/ interested ?

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Hi mungo, If you’re lucky, you will have fast newbie gains like I did. Welcome and goodluck!

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal: 20cm NBPEL||||

But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

A very hardcore noob question here regarding the newbie routine: 2 days ON / 1 day REST do you mean that you exercise PE 2 days in a row and then take 1 day break?

Starting measurements (26/11/2012): BPEL: 7.5" | EG: 6.3" | FL: 4.3" | FG: 4.7"

GOAL 1: BPEL 8.5" | FL: 5"+

That’s why I would encourage you to measure BPEL because you can measure how much your fat pad is covering. If you ever lose the fat pad, you then know how much more will show outside the body. Also BPEL gains are more accurate to measure.

My friend used relax & tone on his fat pad for 1 week every day 30min = 1.1cm + in length , that’s what he said .. Lol

Originally Posted by mungo
My friend used relax & tone on his fat pad for 1 week every day 30min = 1.1cm + in length , that’s what he said .. Lol

It’s always good to drop weight if you have that much fatpad, but it’s not true length-gain. When you measure BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length) you press the ruler into the fatpad just above the penis till it reaches the hard pubic bone. If he was 15 centimeters long BPEL before he lost weight, he is also 15 centimeters BPEL after he lost weight.

You got it backwards match. If you measure NBPEL and you lose weight, that’s not a true length gain and also if you gain weight you could loose length gains by measuring with the NBPEL method. I will say it again, measuring using the BPEL method is more accurate measurement even if you lose or gain weight.

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