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Started newbie routine but losing erection

Started newbie routine but losing erection

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for 3 weeks now and within the last week I cannot maintain an erection will either masturbating or jelqing, my states are length 5.2 in,,girth 3.3inches,,,and I’m 18 years old

Sounds like you might be a tad over ambitious. Losing erection quality is a negative PI, and is not desired.

While the newbie routine is a guideline, it is not carved in stone and can and should be modified to fit your individual needs and responses.

Some of the other fellas will be along, trust me on that, and they can guide you much better than I. However, check out the link to my favorites and you will find the Physiological Indicator (PI) thread that can help you out.

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Welcome dunn.

It’s not totally clear to me if you are saying that you loose erection while doing PE, or you have erection problem as a consequence of PE work.

In the first case, it’s normal.

In the second, you have to use less intensity in your PE work and/or cut a bit the total amount of work, as sunshinekid suggested.

Good gains :) .

Ease off or spread out.

So you have 3.3 girth when erected?

When you are PEing.... he sees.

Originally Posted by f1ip
So you have 3.3 girth when erected?

Na flaccid girth but the length is erect I don’t have a good tape measure so there probly all off y is that small for flaccid girth I know the length is nothin to be proud of lol,,,

FIRST — take a couple weeks off and recover. The regular newbie routine is way too much for some people. It certainly was for me.

THEN — seriously consider trying this much lighter newbie routine:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

LINEAR ROUTINE for newbies

- Do 5 minutes warm up before and after workout and massage your penis little after you have warmed it.

- Stretching: I don’t recommend doing any stretching within the first week or two.
When you begin stretching do one 30 second pull to each direction (down, up, left, right, forward).
Within the first 2 months add max. 1 stretch (up, down..) per week, but if you feel, that it is not
necessary to add number of stretches, then don’t.

- Jelqing: Start from 10- 20 jelqs. At the beginning add for example 10 jelqs about every 3 workout, but there is no need to go over 50- 60 jelqs within the 2 or 3 weeks.
Beyond 50- 60 jelqs add 10- 20 jelqs in a week if necessary. If you seem to gain with a lower amount, then don’t increase the amount until you feel it is necessary.
At the beginning when your workouts are short it is a good idea to do workouts in a shower. It offers brilliant warmup and cleaning possibilities.

- I recommend doing this workout every other day or 2 on 1 off and giving a extra resting day whenever you feel it necessary.

I did something similar with good results. Even today I don’t do more than 120 jelqs and I think I am still growing.

I think you might be over doing it. I started the newbie routine yesterday and had both evening and morning wood. By the way have you been taking two days off after every session.

You’re using too much pressure. Take two or three weeks off, then come back and don’t pull/squeeze so hard.

Also, you should probably cut down on the jelqing. The newbie routine suggests over 100, but I’ve read that a lot of guys are fine right around 80 or so.

I’m having the same problem, no morning wood. Thanks for the advice gents.

In fact after a nice little rest I’m going to start on the new Newbie routine. On the plus side my dick is noticeably bigger flaccid already.

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