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Weak-soft erection since newbie routine

Weak-soft erection since newbie routine

Hey guys, I have a problem and I’m pretty desperate for someone to help me out with some pointers and telling me what I am doing wrong. I started the newbie routine just 4 days ago——> Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

The first day I did it my penis seemed fuller and thicker, and my erections the next day were better than ever!!

However, the next day I did the routine once again and started to notice my erections getting softer and weak, while my penis still getting fuller and thicker.

The next day I rested and did not excersiced. On this day I was frustrated because my erections seemed weaker than I’ve ever imagined I could have @ 21 years old.

-I did the excersices just the time and repetitions it is written on the newbie routine.
-I did not use a lot of force while doing the jelqs
-I did not masturbate on those days because I didnt wanted to tire my penis.

Whats going wrong? Should I change the two day excersice/1 day rest routine to a 1 day excersice/2 day rest or something like that while my penis gets the hang of it? Or should I perhaps do less repetitions of kegels? I really want to continue with the excersices because the gains are there, but I don’t want a big unit that doesnt work at all.

Today (4th day) I don’t think I’m going to do the excersices because I think my penis still needs rest. Please someone give me some tips!! Thanks in advance

I agree.

This part: -I did not use a lot of force while doing the jelqs, makes me wonder.

We all have different ideas of what amount of force we need.

You could also experiment with a “one day on, two days off” approach.

You’re going to have get to know what’s effective for you.

Keep posting, people here will try to help.

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The Newbie Routine as written is quite a tough PE workout to start with. It is better to start with less and build up to it slowly.

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Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Thanks for the replies guys!
And great threads spakyx,
While reading one of them came to my mind that I also forgot to mention that I have noticed a decline of nite wood. Ill also keep in mind what you say about the neccesity that after doing the excersices I can keep a good erection.

I think I will leave my penis alone for some weeks before continuing with the PE.

Still, should I consider doing kegels at least? How frequent? I guess it’s not reccomended to do them every day right?

Its like saying, ” should I do pushups?” How many? How often?

Kegels are exercising a muscle, and like any muscle you can over do it too. If you start by doing about 50 hard squeezes 3X a week (mon-wed-fri), thats plenty to start. From there you can see if more or less is good for you.

This is a really good thread for guys that over train on the Newbie routine;
Movin On Up

Its a great thread to see how to really appy the PI concepts.

Take a week or two off until its back to normal, then when you re-start at least you know what too much is…so thats important information.

Originally Posted by firegoat
The Newbie Routine as written is quite a tough PE workout to start with. It is better to start with less and build up to it slowly.

FG - I agree with you on this. I had to really cut back on the newbie recommendations. Fewer quality reps are much better than a lot of reps.

"Res Firma Nitescere Nescit"

Every ones lite grip is different from the other guy. So maybe this will get the concept across. Imagine you are jelqing an egg and you don’t want to crack the shell. I hope this is not over doing it a bit. Perhaps this description is a bit over the top.

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I’ve been having the same problem, thanks for all the responses.

Will definitely agree with Sparky and “crew” here. I personally think people should start on a “lighter” routine(as a general rule.) This would give guys a chance to get in touch w/ their dicks without over doing it.

I actually gained on a harsh routine when I first started, but paid for it dearly with a sore dick and several bouts of ED. I would say back WAY off and just build up slowly over time. Lots of alternate Newbie routines on this site.


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