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Your best bet is to follow the Newbie Routine. Do it at least a month, while you read up on some of the more advanced exercises. If you are making good progress with the Newbie Routine, stick with it until it stops showing results. Condition your dick and your mind at the same time, then you can move on to the advanced stuff.

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Thank you, Thunderss. I’ll follow your devices.

Sorry, Thunderss, I mean advises.


Thanks a lot.

Once you’ve gotten your routine down and good things start to happen, download winmx or limewire and do a search for DaVinci’s Notebook with the song title “Enormous Penis” and listen to what you’ll soon be. It’s pretty good for motivation when you don’t feel like doing your exercises, at least to me ;-)

Is it really necessary to show that thing to everyone? Yes, yes it is.

Started 03/14/05: FL: 3.2 - FG: 4.25 - EL: 5.75 - EG: 5.25 |8===> Update 06/16/05: FL: 4.5 - FG: 4.9 - EL: 7.0 - EG: 5.65

Here are the pics.

What method shows the most results the fastest

Or is it different for every person

Thanks a lot!! Now I can start!

Thanks for setting this place up, I’m looking forward to the challenge.


This is such a great site! I m looking forward to the challenge too.

Welcome newbies :) Great to see some guys reading this thread.

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I am sorry but I have been searching forever and I cannot find where I can post my penis size. Help would be nice

There are two links at the bottom of the page: Useful Links and PE Data Site. Actually, the Data Site is also in the Useful Links page, but we wanted to keep a direct link to it in plain view. :)

Anyway, go there and then click on the “Personal Home Page” link. You can enter your measurements.


I can’t find how to attach an avatar. I tried “edit profile”, but it wouldn’t let me

i cant find how to activate avatars. i tried to “edit avatar”, but i cant uncheck the “dont use avatar” bubble

CRAZYPONY Initial Stats: Start Date: Nov. 2004 Starting BPEL: 7.25 Starting FL: 6.5 Starting EG: 5.5 Starting FG: 5.25 Current Stats: Current BPEL: 8.5 Current FL: 7.2 Current EG: 6.2 Current FG: 6.0 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"


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