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Great, that resolves all those issues too. Thanks. You mentioned about remembering when I log in etc. I never log in to this site. As soon as I call up the website, it opens automatically with acknowledging me as already having logged in. I thought this was a little odd. Should it be, as you indicate, that there should be the standard sign in procedure, of entering login and password?


Will do. Just hope I can remember my password correctly, since I’ve never had to use it!

Thunder, The system works - just logged out and back in again. Thanks

This site is really good recently loads of very informative posts and I sense a very helpful friendly atmosphere in general :-)

That is a great post.

Thank you.

Believe me

Ill be checking these out


Thanks for the info! This site looks promising.

BPEL 6.25" EG 4.5" on a Japanese washing machine: "Push button. Foam coming plenty. Big Noise. Finish."


You once posted a link to a thread that sounded something like this:
“How to stop premature ejaculation forever” or “never worry about Pre/ejac again.”

I have done a search and cannot find it. If you know where it is, could you redirect us?

very useful. thx


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