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thanks, great

Um, what would happen if you weren’t able to make 20 posts in 20 days?

I don’t have access to internet all the time.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

>Um, what would happen if you weren’t able to make 20 posts in 20 days?

You’ll get cooties and die. Why let that happen?

Read this - from the FAQ button at the top of the page, which says:

New Members can reply to any thread, in any forum, but can only start new threads in the Newbie Forum. Once 20 posts have been made, and after 14 days from registration, new threads can be started anywhere and an avatar can be uploaded.

Never meant to, I mean, after I found this place I had to go to a psych affiliation for 1 month, strictly sleep,eat,attend class,work,eat, and repeat.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

wrapping: girth and easing discoloration

Hello Thunder,

I have some questions re wrapping (not for hanging) which I’d be grateful if you would help out with. My searches under injuries came with the key threads “Wrapping to remove discoloration” and “Synergistic effets of wrapping”. I noticed these threads were about one or two years old and a few members had some difficulty following exactly what was required/recommended with wrapping.

If I understood things correctly, the wrapping should be done following jelqing (I’m a newbie and the hanging scene is an unknown world to me), and the penis should be stimulated a little beyond flaccid. Then the elastic bandage (I cannot find Ace brand bandages where I live, or Theraband for that matter), should hold in the blood from a slightly engorged penis. If I followed things correctly, this should help with removing discoloration and enhance girth?

Is this basically the right idea? I couldn’t find the link to Bib’s site, which the threads mentioned. If this is an old question, I’d appreciate you pointing me in the direction of a link to further explain things. From my reading of those two threads, it seems there is the potential to get things wrong and constrict circulation etc. I’d be happy to take a conservate approach that removed discoloration and improved circulation after a workout, rather than risking injury for girth gains with an aggressive approach. But if I could tackle discoloration and add to girth at the same time, that would be a big bonus.

Be grateful for any pointers or links to relevant threads.

Hey Atastretch,

Try these two links below and see if they help out with wrapping. If you do wrap, keeping an eye on circulation is the most important thing to do. A lot of trial and error is bound to be involved until you get the wrapping just right. I don’t have enough personal experience with wrapping to be a real help. Check these threads and if you still have questions, start a new thread and I’ll try to get some full time wrappers to help out.

lil1’s Simple ADS Tutorial

Wrapping for hanging, girth and traction

A link to Bib’s site is at the bottom of each page.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


Hello Thunder,

Thanks for those links. They have helped to demystify what appears to be one of the most esoteric fields of PE. In particular, the Digest piece from SS4Jelq helped give a good overview of the various types of wrapping, which enables a better understanding of the member exchanges in the threads. It’s great to get a straight explanatory piece like that on a complex subject, especially one in which the thread postings indicate a lot of confusion among members. That was a neat video too on what must be traction wrapping, when the wrapped penis is anchored to the belt on the leg.

As a newbie, I’ll be a little conservative and maybe try to experiment, post-jelqing, with the wrapping method for removing discolouration and the slight variation (with increased pressure) in wrapping for girth. The thread “synergistic effects of wrapping” etc contained some informative exchanges between you and Bib, who made the distinction between this wrap and the Uli Wrap (I’m still guessing a little at the latter but as it seems to be related to hanging, I’ll let that one pass until my PE education progresses).

But as with your caution, it seems that so long as I watch regularly for colour changes and check the penis hasn’t gone cold while wrapped, it should be fairly safe. I bought an Andro-Penis traction device (just before discovering this website), so I better continue with this method before experimenting with the traction wrap.

Thanks again,

tech question


Wrapping is not the only mysterious thing I have encountered on this website. I’ve noticed my logon has changed from Atastretch to Atastreach. It doesn’t trouble me but I find it a little puzzling. Though not sure if it means I may be me missing any messages that could be sent to Atastretch. Any ideas on what may have caused this?




Yes, I checked my profile details and it does show “Atastreach”, rather than …stretch. Guess I must have entered it differently to what I thought. Just to keep things simple I suppose I should keep the login as it is.


Thanks for that offer. But I thought that in effect taking on a second login could create confusion if other members want to reply to previous postings, especially since my first postings where in a different thread (mainly out of confusion about where to post, with lack of familiarity with online forums etc). But if you don’t think this is an issue, then I’m happy to make the switch.


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