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Oh yeah thanks a lot!

Thanks this helps, keep up the good work.

thanx, i just found this place and the info ive read is awesome

kkep up the good work thunder and mods

Ok so lets start posting

It seems as if nobody has been on this site in a while due to the dates listed on the posts.Or maybe just nobody new?!

Not that it matters, just curious

Oh I feel stupid now! Where the hell we’re you guys before when I was reading stuff. Oh well.I’m dumb

Great info. I read try to read this every 2 weeks to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Thanks allot this will come in very handy

Is there a place where you guys can show me how to do it?

Originally Posted by jkimforlife
Is there a place where you guys can show me how to do it?

You mean like videos and stuff?

There’s the tutorial section:

Link to bad forum (forumid 33) removed

Here’s the main videos:

Thunder’s Place Video Series

Are there any restrictions on avatars?

Ciao, been jelqing on and off for a few months now.. Not sure about any gain, haven’t measured, if so certainly nothing too obvious! Lol. Anyway, great site, very informative, cleared up many doubts I had on some things and gave me lots of new ideas.

Very helpful, thanks!

I just reached 20 posts and I have been a member for over 14 days but I just tried started a regular thread in the regular forums and it woudn’t let me.


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