Speculation about curvature

For those people who have curvature (which is not caused by peyronies) I think the source of it is because of the tight skin forcing your penis to curve in that direction, so if your skin is tighter at the bottom it will curve downward, the skin is pulling it together.. I have a downward curve and I noticed that the skin at the bottom is more tight that the top, I tried stretching my bottom skin up and my penis popped straight. I do not know if this has been mentioned before but I am going to try to stretch my lower skin and make it more loose so I can see if it becomes straight.

Any thoughts?

02/99 4.51" BPEL x 3.5" EG --- start

03/06 9.83" BPEL x 6.57" EG --- 1 year on, 2 off, 4 straight

?/06 10.1" BPEL x 6.9'" EG --- :D - pics soon