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Progress Report and advice solicitation for curvature

Progress Report and advice solicitation for curvature

I have been looking at this forum for a little over a year now, and feel it is finally time to report my progress and ask for some advice from the more experienced.

I started PE in March of 2003, after stumbling upon this site while looking for information on penis curvature. My unit curves evenly to the left over its entire length. There is no single focal point of the bend, but rather, it forms an arc. My dick also tilts slightly to the left as well. The curve is not debilitating in any way. The dick works very well for its intended purpose. But the bend is noticable enough to me, and I have aften wished for an arrow straight unit. Didn’t mind the idea of it being bigger, too.

So I embarked on a manual stretching and jelqing program, in the hopes that it might straighten me out and enlarge. I started out by PEing during the two wasted periods of time in my day. My 30 minute commute to and from work. I stretched straight down between my legs after 50 hard 5 second keigels. Usually held the stretch between 30 to 50 seconds with about a minute break between. All the way to work and all the way home. Also two stretchs each bathroom trip during the day. Then 5 to 10 minutes of jelqing each evening in the shower with lotion.

After a little over a year doing this 4 to 5 times per week, I went from 6.75 BPEL to 7.5 (I’ve seen 7.625 a few times when really hard) and 5.25 EG to 5.75 (my head is around 6.0). Not bad, huh?

But little changed as far as the curvature. I thought maybe it was getting a little straighter during the first 6 months, but then no change. At the same time as starting PE, I also switched to hanging the dick in the right side of my pants (had been on the left since I was little) and jerking off with the left hand (always with the right before that). I attribute the curvature to wearing tighty-whiteys during my development years (how many times did I get a woody during class checking out the teachers bra, the overdeveloped girl sitting beside me, etc. I think the right side of my dick had more room to expand than the left). Not to mention jerking off roughly 2.67 million times with my right hand, causing the shaft to bend to the left slightly.

So about two months ago, I replaced my straight down stretches with v stretches, using my thumb as the fulcrum. By grabbing the unit overhand with the right hand, and turning my hand clockwise 180 degrees (bending the dick around my thumb), I was able to stretch the left side more than the right. I would use three different fulcrum locations to try to stretch all portions of the left side evenly. Well, after two months, I think my unit actually curves to the left slightly more! So I stopped that and am stretching straight down again.

Any recommendations from guys who have had some luck correcting curvature would be greatly appreciated. My new strategy is going to be intensive stretching interspersed with heavy massage (between stretching sets) on the left side at night before bed. That’s in addition to the regular stretching during my commute. I am hoping that the massage might help loosen up the super strong connective tissue on the left side.

Oh, and no, I do not have peyrones disease, my unit has developed this way and has been curved ever since I started having sex with females when I was 15 (20 years ago).

On the plus side, I am poking the heck out of my wife these days! When I am firmly planted in there with the head fully engorged, I almost can’t get it back out, even with her super soaking wet. And the look on her face is great! The other day, she came out of the shower and pulled the covers off. I was holding the fully engorged rod and she proclaimed, “oh my god!”. Needless to say she was soon hungrily sucking away!

Anyway, I digress. I am hopeful that someone might have a method to help with the curvature. I was thinking of starting to hang on the morning commute instead of stretching. What do you think? Will the massage do any good? Thanks to all, I have truly enjoyed learning here on this great site.


I have no real experience with this, but if the v-stretches made it curve more to the left…do the opposite. I have also heart that pumping tends to straighten out a crooked penis. Do some searches, I’m sure you’ll find something.

One foot to go

I have searched extensively on the topic, and read every post I could find. Unfortunately, many of the posts are from people who never reposted to report their results. And some contradictions are evident as well.

I was hoping to trigger some new information from those of you who have been battling a curvature problem. Up to date results, perhaps.

I thought of V-stretching the opposite way, but something tells me that it will also make it worse. The tissue on the “longer” side of my unit is not as tight or rigid as the “short” side. Room to grow, I guess.

If straight stretching and jelqing with intensive “short” side massage helps at all, I will surely repost in a month or two to give the results.


I’ve lessened the curve I had to the point where I barely notice it sometimes.

When I started PE, when I pulled straight out, or did any hanging, the left side would be taut, whereas the right would be more spongy. This is because the right CC was longer, and so didn’t take much of the stress.

Hanging straight down while keeping the Bib straight on the edge of a chair worked well for me.

It’s a slow process!

Yes, thats exactly it, the right side is spongy and the left taut. So stretching straight may be the way to go. ICM, how long did you hang before noticing a lessening of the curvature?


Well I’ve been at this for just over a year, so I would say that if you put in a reasonable effort on a regular basis you should be able to lessen it considerably in a year or less.

As said before, it was the period of hanging that was best for it. From a more abstract point of view, the left CC is just the weaker fibre of your penis as a whole, as such will have to stretch to even out the load over your penis.

Just be careful.

You should be able to feel what works for you as you do it. For example, I regularly pull to the side (after going to the toilet), to give a regular stretch to the left CC only.

You may also find that you “gain” up to 1/2” in length from doing this, as a curve can “steal” length.

I think that with incorporation of MonkeyBar’s AutoADS and pumping I am going to lessen this curve. I am going to stretch it over to the right so that my left side experience great stretching tension. I know not if this will work but it is certainly worth a try.

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