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It’s normal to be sore for the first couple of weeks or so when first starting PEing, right? I know it probably is but I just want some reassurance. What can I do about the soreness?

I still get it now after 6 weeks, best to leave off for a day or two till the soreness goes, also this is good because it gives time for growth as well.

Maybe go a bit easier to start with to if really sore.

Good Luck!

The newbie routine is 2 days on 1 off, so even if I’m still kind of sore after that one day of should I take another day off even if it means cutting into my 2 days on routine?

You are trying to make your dick bigger, so do that what helps achieving that goal. In this case it is taking a day off when necessary. Keeping a day off when necessary is not abandoning your routine, it is part of your routine when there is a reason (PE related) why you keep a day off. It doesn’t matter, that how many days you keep off, if it helps you achieving your goals.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

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It’s not really my penis that is sore it’s right at the base where my penis meets my pelvic. When I Jelq I press down the skin to keep it held back so I’m not just pulling on the skin when I Jelq. Does this still count.

I’ve waited 2 days and still I’m a little sore, my penis is NOT sore but the area where my penis meets my pelvic is still a little sore. That is what I have been waiting for these past 2 days is for that area to not be sore. NEVER has my penis been sore for more than a day. Only the area where it meets my pelvic. Does this count as my penis being sore? Since my penis is not sore but only the area that I described is, is it ok to start PEing again?

I think, that you should rest a day or two more. It is hard to say what causes your problem, but I have had a little similar symptoms if I have stretched too much, so check if it is the problem.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

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