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Somebody enlighten me.

Somebody enlighten me.

According to the newbie routine there is a 10 minute session of jelqing, are we suppose to jelq for 10 minutes nonstop?

I did when I started the routine. You can always start with less and build up to 10.

3/7/08: BPEL 7.00x5.125 Starting PE

2/07/09: BPEL 8.307x5.77 || 211mmX146.5mm

My Log: PE an Engineers approach

Just count instead. I have to because I have to stop and watch some porn to get some erection back. 10 minutes is 200 3 second jelqs. I started at 100 jelqs and added 100 more every 2 weeks until I got to 400.

Start 3/1/08 BPEL: 6" EG: 4.25"

Goal: BPEL:7" EG: 5"

It depends on each individual. I started off with 100 and realized i kept on getting bad PI’s from it.

I am now on 30 jelqs each day and it looks like its working for me.

03/03/08: Bpel: 5.5" Meg: 4.72" 04/20/08: Bpel: 5.55" Meg: 5.02"

03/20/08: Bpel: 5.5" Meg: 4.92" 05/16/08: Bpel: 5.59" Meg: 5.08"

03/27/08: Bpel: 5.5" Meg: 5.02"

Originally Posted by driedupfish
According to the newbie routine there is a 10 minute session of jelqing, are we suppose to jelq for 10 minutes nonstop?

Basically number and speed are what count here. Forget about 10 minutes.

100 jelqs@3-5 sec is a good starting try. Well, if you feel like it is too much for your tool, make it 50 jelqs session.

However it does not need to be non stop. Right erection is another important thing to be maintained. If you lose it, take a break and get back proper erection (moderate is enough) before continue.

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This answers many of my questions as well. It seems that I am loosing my erection as well after 20-25 strokes. I masturbate some and then I continue. I am doing approximately 200 strokes consisting of 100 wet jelq and 100 Ulis . Is that good or bad. Each strokes lasts approximately 2-3 seconds. Do you think should hold it more?
I never did kegels even though I am willing since I haven’t found a good description about the technique. Are there any videos of kegel exercises around?



You will find information and the technique of kegel here Kegel 101 + Routine + Best Posts .
There is not video because the muscle bc is a hidden muscle.

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