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Please enlighten me

Please enlighten me

I’ve been PEing for two months, yet I’ve just started to look around the supplements forum. I see there are no sticky threads, and I want to ask a basic question - is there a supplement, or a combination of supplements which has been tested and has shown results in encouraging penis growth? I get the impression that all of you guys are taking the same supplements, and if that’s the case, please spare me the agony of searching through dozens of threads, and tell me which they are! I don’t need anything for stronger erections or increased semen volume, I only want stuff that promotes penis growth.
I just read on that they recommend the following supplements:
1 Super B complex.
1 Multi Vitamin & Minerals.
1 60 mg Zinc.
2 500mg L-Arginine capsule.
1 500 mg L-Lysine.

What is the prevailing opinion here in Thunder’s Place?

There isn’t an accepted standard or formula. A good hunk of people don’t add any supplements to what they do at all. Maybe a few clusters of people do with a particular homebrew cocktail of various ingreadients. I really don’t think anyone accepsts anything super conductive to grwth is really out there and can be an agreeable or accepted benchmark so far.

I am sure others will chime in.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

You’ve been around long enough to know that we don’t endorse any supplement as promoting penis growth. Some are good for promoting better blood flow, or nitric oxide production but actually stimulate growth? No.

Probably the best thing you can do is eat a healthy well balanced diet that is not loaded with artery clogging saturated fat and drink plenty of water. If you do things to make your body healthy, it will translate to all areas of your body.

There are no boner buster pills out there but a good Flintstone multi-vitamin comes in handy to boost your immune system and keep you healthy for those rigorous workouts ahead.

1. I take B-Complex and it helps anybody, but not necessarily dick growing.

2. If you’re taking a multi-vitamin, there might be some of those b-complex
vitamins in there already.

3. 60 mg of Zinc might be a little too much. You can find 50mg tablets
cheap, but remember to supplement the Zinc with copper (1mg Copper to
15mg of Zinc. because they work in unison with each other.) And if you’re a
caffeine drinker, take your pills atleast an hour after you’ve had your
coffee or soda.
4. L-Arg did nothing for me but give me cold sores for the first time in my
life. If you notice cold sores, cut down on the intake.
5. I’ve never taken Lysine, but have heard good things about it for overall

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I don’t know… It’s kind of strange that there’s a whole supplements forum here and still no consensus on whether they promote growth or not. If you use them just for the overall health, then I most probably don’t need them because I eat quite healthy (my mother still takes care of that). LOL

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