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Hanging Directions

Hanging Directions

Whilst waiting for my credit-card statement, to wait to sign up to PayPal to wait to get a Bib-Hanger, I’ve been experimenting with sock-hanging as a quick, temporary replacement. In experimenting with hanging for this first time, I soon found it easier to hang so that my member was being pulled straight in front of me, rather than just to the floor.

Is this a recommended practice?

Enlighten me


What do you mean by sock hanging, and how do you achieve a “straight out” pull?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


a) Tie weight to one end of sock; insert schlong in the opening on the other side and tie it down (with another sock, if you want to be convenient). Hardly comfortable, but at least its quick.

b) Place tube along the bottom inside of desk and put the sock over it, like a very simplistic pulley mechanism. I.e. weight hangs downwards, dick gets pulled forward.


Take a look at the thread I created showing my under the desk hanging setup. However, after you get your Bib hanger, you will want to mix it up. Hang more between the cheeks because this position puts the biggest stress on the ligs. Also hang over each leg, straight out and over the soulder. You can do a search to learn more about these positions.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!



After hanging primarily BTC for the past year I recently switched things up and started hanging straight out and over each leg. I place an aproximately 1.5 inch thick paper back book at the front edge of the chair and rest the bottom skids of the BIB hanger on the book. I try to keep the hanger paralell with the seat of the chair and then gradual tilt back to get a good stretch going. IMO the excersice really pulls on the tunica more than the ligs.

For over the leg(s) I use a magizine and form it to my leg and place the hanger on it’s side letting the weight hang just below my leg. This gives a good lig stretch at each side. Some minor adjustments are required for each postion to get good and comfy.

Hey Zep,

Thanks for the tip about the magazine. I have been using a towel and it still leaves bolt marks in my skin. Now I know how to avoid this.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!



I’m still pretty careful with the over the leg hang just the slightest angle change seems to hit a different spot along the side of my penis at the base.

When I’m hanging straight out I can feel the tension along the sides between the hanger and my body. My flacid stretch lenght has increased 1/4 inch since I started “mixing it up” late last month.

Good to here your doing better.

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