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new to pumping and various questions

new to pumping and various questions

hi all,

im new to pumping and have some questions, any advice would greatly be appreciated:)

im looking at the NW pumpworks website (very expensive) and noticed there is a straight wall cylinder and a standard cylinder, which one should i get and why?

what about the pump, should i get the brass hand pump or the deluxe hand pump and why?

how can i measure my dick so i know what size of cylinder to get? (im looking for equal gains in length and girth)

its no doubt pumping increases your flaccid gains but what about erect gains? do people pump erect?

its amazing how big and plump your dick can get after a pumping session and is very positive why pumping works. why arn’t more people pumping???

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i forgot to add one thing,

for the longest time i’ve had very negetive thoughts on pumps, from what i’ve heard mostly, and have always avoided them.

is there any negitive side-effects to pumping, ie, appearence, erection hardness or erection angle; anything?

Hi, crashdummie;

A lot of your questions are answered in the Pumping 101 thread here at the top of the forum. Read through the whole thread.

I prefer straight-walled cylinders but that’s just my opinion.

You should take a look at this thread for measuring tips.

If you pump sensibly, paying attention to both the length of time you pump at any one time and the pressures you are using, you should experience only positive effects from pumping.

Pumping has always had a generally bad rap, but that is sure changing.

Have fun, and keep us posted on how it’s going.




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