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Some questions

Some questions

Hi.I wanted to ask you few things.I’m a profesional swimmer and I sport 3h a day.Which is obviously exausting me.Is it going to slow or cut my progress in PE?Or should I take some supplements.(From time to time I get amino acids BCAA’s)
My other question is:Is there any relation between body (skiny,fat,muskular) and the PE(or the tallness)?


Hey unkown_user;

Welcome back from Greece. You made us all proud.

Congrats on the 8 medals!!!


Whoaa w8:) I wasn’t to Greece and you don’t know me:) do you?

No………….Just joking around.

Sorry I can’t help you with your question.

Being fit won’t stop you gaining. As we also have bodybuilders here, and gaining, I guess the worst abuse of supplements won’t stop gains either.

I don’t think the shape of your body changes the rate you can gain at either.

ok thank’s a lot memento!

Yesterday you gave me a routine and you said that I could change it as I prefer.

So came up with this routine:

5mins warm up

10mins (1mins x 10) v stretch

10mins (1mins x 10) inverted v stretch

5 mins warm up

10 mins of jelqing

and some JAI squeezes

Do you think is a good routine?

I put some more stretches ,cause I think that with my current LOT (7:30) I should attack my tunica more

Sounds good unkown, but maybe worth working up to. I mean if you started with 5 minutes of stretching each way and worked up to 10 minutes each.

The standard v-stretch will attack the ligs but under your LOT angle.

Anyway try it and then note how you feel after each session and then each month at least monitor your gains and change your rotuine if appropriate.

If you are attacking the tunica its worth looking at ways to make those v-stretches last a minute with a good force.

yeah I’m doing the v stretches just like in the videos.But I think that inverted v -stretch is better cause like you said the standart v stretch is attacking the ligs.Anyway I’ll keep doing this routine and I’ll report if there are any gains.
In the other threat you asked me how many routines I am using.Well one and thats this one from today.
I was doing the other one 7 week and then I’ve found that my LOT is 7:30 and I decided to change it

anyway thanks a lot memento

So you’ve gone from hanging to manual PE? That’s quite unusual in itself.

Why?If there is a way to attack the tunica with hanging please tell me

is girth the diameter or circumference?


It’s circumference. :)

>If there is a way to attack the tunica with hanging please tell me<

Hanging upward angles will target the tunica but hanging will attack the tunica period (as will stretching). Whatever angle you choose after any lig gains you’ll be making tunica gains. Read SS4’s progress thread to see his take.


Check your PMs.

thank’s again memento , but where can I find this SS4’s progress?

Here. It is but one of the threads in that forum worth reading.

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