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Silly (maybe) questions

Silly (maybe) questions

Okay, as this is my first post here I will begin with the obligatory thank-yous and congratulations as to how wonderful and informative this site is…

I was (and remain so) a hard-core skeptic—yet I have lurked here for long enough that I don’t need more convincing—the earnest sincerity of your many posts is incontrovertible. PE is for real.

You do a great job of giving us newbies some guidelines to start, but extra thanks definitely goes to those who make a specific point of being overly explicit in all their posts to give us who are new some context and background—you know who you are and you should know that you are greatly appreciated. The search function is wonderful, but the sheer number of post here is daunting.

I have some questions, which maybe are silly, and maybe even are answered elsewhere (if so, pass along the threads and except my apologies for bothering you), but are still in my immediate concern:

1) Hairy Dicks? I have yet to find a *really* convincing physiological explanation of how the tunica stretches, but that notwithstanding, we all know that skin, when pulled upon, definitely stretches. I notice that when I pull upon my member, I pull the hairy skin at the base up the shaft. Somehow, I really don’t want a hairy penis. Thoughts? Experiences? I believe DLD at least has mentioned this occurrence or something similar, have others seen it?

2) Erection Angle? As I understand it, surgery to increase penis length involves cutting the ligs—leaving you with an erection angle close to 6 o’clock. It seems to me that stretching the ligs to their utmost would approach this, but I’m happy with my angle… Must I get over this to continue with PE?

I have more questions, but this seems like a good start.


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If you don’t like the sound of stretching, then stick with jelqing. You don’t need to pull on the ligs. I’ve yet to hear of members who have lost significant erection angle through stretching.

BTW wouldn’t a 6 o’clock angle be pointing straight down?

1) Hairy Dicks?>>

depending on the rate at which you grow, the hair will begin to migrate up the sides. Also sometimes the undersurface of the penis will pull the scrotum along and give the “turkey neck” or “sail” effect. Given time these things should correct themselve though some have taken to making a point of stretching the skin back to its proper places.

2) Erection Angle?>>

It seems that as my dick got “heavier” my erecton angle went from about 10 oclock to about 9 oclock. I never found it to be any big deal.

Must I get over this to continue with PE?>>

I would think that it all depends on how much you want/need a bigger dick.
If you are already good size and detest the idea of potential changes as mentioned, then maybe pe is not for you. However most guys I think would gladly accept whatever to go from an avg dick 6x5 to an 8x6 impressive piece.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the replies,

I feel a little less silly knowing that these things do happen, but it seems like they are totally minor concerns. I hadn’t really considered the “turkey neck” effect, but as long as know it can be dealt with, I’m not deterred.

I like knowing exactly what I’m getting into, and well, maybe I’m still looking for the catch—you know, the whole “if it [PE] sounds to good to be true it probably is” thing.

Horse, yeah I mean 6:00 as in pointing down.

luvdadus, how do they go about stretching the skin back to its proper place?

luvdadus, how do they go about stretching the skin back to its proper place?>>

Its not rocket science. Just spend a few minutes stretching the skin back towards the base/scrotum.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey man, for a newbie there are never such things as silly questions, especially when you’re skeptical.

Well, I do know that circumcision also creates the ‘creeping pubes’ look to some extent. So since I am circumsized *and* have some good growth, of course they are creeping.

So I just whack ‘em down. There are various means to do this. Trust me, when a chick tells you she likes the shaft to be all smooth (a la, TazGirl and others), ya do it. ‘Nuff said.

As for the 120 degree erection angle change, I’ve never heard anyone say they had a HUGE decrease like that. Some have gone from a sporty perker to a horizontal mamba, but that’s a rather small sacrifice.

Hey, now stop asking such SILLY questions…

hehehe :D


Don’t worry about being skeptical, obviously I was, as my name implies. Everyone has worries when they start PE. I know I did. I promise you this: when you start seeing gains and your erections are so hard they hurt, all those worries begin to go away.


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Welcome to the forum.
Dont worry about silly questions, everyone has them.
I still have some I dont ask you guys.. blush.

I don’t think the surgery would give you a 6 o’clock erection angle.
But surgery is a bad idea anyway, it can have horrible side effects


Well, maybe not that bad!

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