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Some more Newbie Questions. Sorry

Some more Newbie Questions. Sorry

Is it all right for a newbie to use the Uli jelq? Also, I get bumps sometimes right below the head of my penis. Is that ‘cause I’m not stretching or warming up enough?

Originally Posted by ares18
Is it all right for a newbie to use the Uli jelq? Also, I get bumps sometimes right below the head of my penis. Is that ‘cause I’m not stretching or warming up enough?

The Uli is generally considered too strenuous for the unconditioned penis. Save that for when you’re done with the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine.

As for the bumps right below the head of your penis, describe them further: size, shape, color.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Look at the newbie program as a 3 month stretch. No pun intended.

Do just the newbie program and nothing more.

Don’t know much about the bump you mentioned, but it may be from overdoing it.

If your squeezing like your trying to get the last drop out of a toothpaste tube your jelging to damn hard.

In my experience, it should be an easy, steady pull to the glands with a steady increase of blood flow culminating in an increased sized head.

If you are doing it to the point where your head feels like it’s going to explode your way past a safe point.

And try to get a uniform ok grip so your not squeezing to hard on one edge.

I think Uli’s is to aggressive t this stage. About the bumps, are you using lube?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Yeah I think it’s ‘cause I was dumbass and I did the Uli jelq. It’s good now, though. Thanks guys. The bumps were tiny, as for color? I suppose it’s white but it’s pretty much just the same color as the penis. Anyway, I’m still on the newbie routine but how often should I be jelqing? I mean with regards to days. Like once a day, once every two days, etc? Should I do it more than once a day also? Sorry for all these questions but I appreciate the responses. Thanks.

You sure you read the newbie routine?

Start Dec 10 \'07: BPEL 6 2/16" | EG 5 1/4"

Feb 4: BPEL 6 11/16" | EG 5 2/4"

Short Term Goal: BPEL 7" | EG 5 3/4" Long Term Goal: BPEL 7 3/4 - 8" | EG 6"

No I mean I know I should go two days on, one day off and such but when should I start increasing the days?

It is important to read around here for awhile to get a grip on things. HA HA

You have already experienced negative PIs. So back off. Just do the minimum of jelging for now.

DO NOT!! Increase days. If anything, maybe back off to 1 day on and 1 day off.

Yeah it’s ‘cause I was an idiot and did the Uli. Now that I didn’t everything’s good again. Thanks guys. And is it bad to just stretch throughout the day without warming up? I don’t stretch too vigorously, just now then throughout the day when I don’t jelq.

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