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Solution for Condoms Slipping

Solution for Condoms Slipping

Condoms slipping is a problem for many guys due to long foreskins, producing lots of precum or using the wrong sized condom. Mentor condoms solved these types of problems because it had an adhesive inside that sealed the condom to the skin. It was so good Trojan bought the product and killed it.

You can duplicate a Mentor condom by using a product called “It Stays”.
It is a medical adhesive used for holding prosthetics on like fake breasts.
It is widely available on the internet and priced reasonably. Get the
Roll-on kind (like a deodorant stick). After you get a hardon roll the stuff
On your dick from the base to about 1/2” behind the head. Then roll the
Condom all the way down. It will instantly be sealed to your dick.
You can get as wild as you want and not have to worry. After you
Cum you don’t even have to pull out if you don’t want too!! When
You’re through it peels off easily and cleans up quick with water.

Nice solution.



Yeah, I’ve been looking for something kind of like that. How hard is it to just “slip” the condom off like one usually would?

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Originally Posted by Leatherdick
It was so good Trojan bought the product and killed it.

If it was so good, why wouldn’t Trojan buy the product and market it?

Horny Bastard

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