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Found a solution

Found a solution

I was having a problem jelqing with my left hand palm down. When I would do it, I would feel something in my penis give a little, like a vein or ligament rolling over another - it was very uncomfortable and it hurt. This wouldn’t happen with my right hand. I wanted to avoid palms up cause it made me too hard. Anyways, what I do now is I pause slightly between alternations. So instead of immediately starting the jelq as the other hand is ending, I wait till the other hand is at my side before I begin the jelq with the other hand. Not only does this not cause this “give” sensation and pain no matter how hard I pull, but the jelqs are fantastic. I can really make each jelq last 3-4 seconds with no problem and it seems to engorge the hell out of it. I thought for it to be effective you had to start the jelq as you were finishing the other one so you hold a little blood in there. But not doing that has made it easier for me to do a long jelq and it seems like every jelq is just like the last - with full intensity. I think it is because you are reusing all the blood again coming in with full force as the minirest allows it to normalize a little. I also think the minirests in between jelqs really allows you to lengthen as well - you’re not always pulling - you are pulling and resting and pulling and engoring and resting - with each jelq you can go maybe a tiny bit farther because you’ve rested the penis for half a second or so. You’re pretty much stretching the hell out of it.

Basically I like doing it like this cause it got rid of my pain. But I’ve noticed over the past few days that it looks longer and thicker since I’ve switched. I also notice that the power jelker works like that too - with a slight rest between strokes as it repositions.

Well, just thought I would share a solution I have found for a problem I had. Thanks.

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Right on...

Looks like you made jelqing a lot more comfortable for yourself.

And that’s exactly what the veterans always talk about:

Experiment and find out for yourself what works best for you!

I’m glad you did.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

good stuff

That a pretty good description. I like it.. that’s pretty much what I do as well :)


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