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So I've taken a temporary hiatus from PE...

So I've taken a temporary hiatus from PE...

…because my girlfriend came home last Monday from school due to family and I’ve only had a PE session once in that time period. I was really on track up to that point so much that I didn’t need to post as much on this site. I’ve been visiting it and reading up on things, but I knew my routine and was doing it with regularity, either 2 days on/1 off or 3 days on/1 day off so I didn’t have much to ask, hence me being a bit incognito. School is also taking it’s toll on me, plus I’ve been working out with my girlfriend every morning and holding down a part time job, so I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to PE. No increase in size yet. :( But here are a few improvements I’ve noticed due to my short time doing PE:

1) I have stronger erections. Definitely noticeable. I used to have a constant probably with going limp during sex, and while I have still had a few bouts of this, it’s nothing like before when I used to completely shrivel up and get totally embarrassed. Stamina, in terms of that, has been increased. Also, my ability to get rejuvenated has also been slightly better. Yesterday I got it up four different times in the same session, which is a record for me.

2) I have (had) a more consistent “big” flaccid hang. Not really big, but I would rarely pull my pants down to see my member turtled and get disgusted and frustrated. It was almost always a “nice” flaccid hang, which to me is described as a fully extended, limp penis. Now that I’ve stopped doing PE I’ve noticed some turtling though..

3) The best compliment was my girlfriend coming back and telling me I looked thicker. That caught me off guard, but by my measurements, I’m not, so she might’ve just been trying to inspire and encourage me.

Those are the upsides. My stamina as far as sex still sucks though, but I’m confident things’ll improve in time, and by that I mean, when I get larger my stamina will hopefully be better. I’m hoping to devise a schedule that’ll work around everything going on in my life right now. I’m still hoping for some gains in size, but I’m glad that PE has helped in other aspects of my life. :)


It’s good to take a break every now and again.

Tell me, do you feel like you’ve worked out your dick after a session?

Honestly, not really. I’ve was ejaculating a lot after my sessions too, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there. I’ve recently started working out in the gym and pushing myself and it’s nothing like I’ve ever felt before, and I’ve lifted on and off since 7th grade. My body feels weary after my sessions. If that’s what you mean by “worked out” then no.



Stick with it buddy. As has been said multiple times, PE is a marathon not a sprint.

My own experience with PE has taught me that it takes time to discover what will work for YOU. You are on the right path sticking with the newbie routine for a couple of months.

I think after those couple/few months you should look into pumping, beginning with this thread:
Vacuum Pumping 101

Moderate pumping has been very successful for several members in their ability to make girth gains. At 6” BPEL, if you can get to about 4.5” girth you will definitely be in the “average” range for penis size, despite what your friends may try to convince you of.

Regarding jelqing also I don’t think that having a full erection, or even close, is required to make gains. The general consensus is that low erection jelqing will result in length gains and high levels will result in girth gains, but everyone is different and you just may gain one or both from low level jelqing. Only time will tell.

There are many avenues of PE still waiting to be discovered by you so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see significant gains in the first few months. My attitude when starting PE was that I am on at least a 3-4 year journey before going into maintenance mode. I regarded my first 6 months as a conditioning period using initially the newbie routine and then later on some moderate pumping to condition my unit to the rigors of PE. I made some initial newbie gains of 1/4” both ways and was glad for this but of course want more :)

I can tell you from experience that my initial size was 5.75 BPEL X 4.5 and this was always a satisfying size for my wife thru 16 years of marriage. Since having 4 kids I knew that a bit more girth would be pleasing to her. My length has always been enough for her for the most part she quite often has problems with it now at 6.5 BPEL :) But I would like to gain another 1/2 to 1 of length for me and I think she will grow to accomodate that size (if not I will stop length when it becomes a problem with her). I say all that to let you know that your size is not as “dreadful” as your mind is making it out to be. Your length is already very well in the average range and just a bit more girth and you will definitely also then be in the average range for girth. Then a bit more and you will be on the upper end of average. Then a bit more and you will be one of the big boys :)

But as you know this forum is really about more than PE, so I encourage you to stay in the gym (girls LOVE nice lean bodies with muscles) and I also encourage you to clear your mind of the negative crap that others have put there and you have fed. You must realize you are a person of worth Mark. This confidence will come from within yourself once you really believe that you have worth and if others in your life don’t see that, cut them out. You kind of have to have somewhat of an attitude of “I am a great person and I know it”. Once you start projecting that and stop giving a crap what others think, then you will begin to project that and it will give a positive light to others and an attraction to you as a confident person. Not a jerk but a person who is sure of themself, kind to others and a rejector of negative thoughts. Confidence in yourself, which comes from within, cannot be overemphasized. Its a struggle for most guys but once you begin to condition yourself and realize your worth it becomes more natural as time goes on.

Just my encouragement and thoughts friend. Praying for the best for you as you grow, in all ways ;)

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