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Slow Metabolism workout plan.

Slow Metabolism workout plan.

I have a very slow metabolism and it’s driving me nuts!this is a sample of my eating.Have any of you guys used a metabolism pill to speed things up?

Breakfast=half cup of oats and semi skimmed milk.
Snack=2 apples
Lunch=1 tin of tuna/lettuce/tomato/cucumber/onion.
Snack=natural yogurt

Iv give up bodybuilding well maybe!is the below plan OK.but I don’t know what to include in the days iv left missing.I have a stepping machine if thats any use.I might take up running.whats your thoughts please.I really want to lose weight but I’m scared ill get weedy.IV got tattoos and intend on being covered in them so I don’t see the point in bodybuilding?

Monday=Punch bag 20 mins/skipping rope 10 mins
Wednesday=Punch bag 20 mins/skipping rope 10 mins
Friday=Punch bag 20 mins/skipping rope 10 mins

Ginkgo biloba
Multi vitamin
Cod liver oil
Creatine(if bodybuilding)
Whey(if bodybuilding)


Have you ever had your thyroid checked? A super slow metabolism might be, but not necessarily, a sign of hypothyroidism. I would suggest making an appointment with your doctor and talking this over with him/her.

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Youv made me paranoid now!Ill go see a doctor.

You probably don’t have hypothyroidism but it is well worth checking out if you have health coverage. You could drive yourself crazy trying to loose weight if hypothyroidism is the problem; and, it’s a very simple thing to treat if you do have it.

20 minutes on a punching bag with 10 minutes jumping rope is not a bad thing at all. Get out and hike as well, especially if you are up north.

Also, using the shift key between a period and the start on the next sentence is a valuable calorie burner! ;)

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