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Starting workout and experiment?

Starting workout and experiment?

Im fairly new to PE’ing I did it for 4 months or so last year but had to stop durin the summer cause of very complicated reasons and just now am getting back into it. I decided to get back into PE’ing cause im starting to bodybuild now. And I decided having a muscular body would be nothing if the lil guy downstairs didnt also turn some heads to. Im still reasearching PE workouts and such and once I get all the info and excercises I think ill need to start ill post up my final decisions on a workout plan. But the experimental part is, I was wondering if anyone thought that maybe the body building supplements I will be taking would have any affect on the gains I may or may not see. I was thinking that it might play into some affect because the penis is essentialy a muscle and the stuff ill be taking is for muscle enhancement and recouperation. So I just thought if this stuff is gonna help the upper body grow, why wouldnt it help the man downstairs pack on a few inches to? But anyways I think by the end of tomorrow ill have most of the info I need and the excercises and workout plan ready and I will post em on here. If anyone has any input on excercises, routines, or on the whole bodybuildin supplement in the workout it would be really great to here your thoughts.


There are supplements that some people use to directly effect their PE progress. Things that increase circulation are often seen as advantageous. For detailed information check out the Health and Supplements forum. You will find a lot of good good pointers there.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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