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Six Month Gains


Six Month Gains

Well I posted my 6 month gains on the data site tonight - BPEL 6 7/16” (6.875”).

I could have said 7” - I can certainly get that now for short periods but I reckon for consistency I use the figure which I can honestly achieve without holding or touching my penis during the measurement.

Interestingly, my Volume is up exactly 25% in the 6 months. Nice!

My goal of 7.3” by November (1 year of PE and a 1.5” gain) starts to look achievable!

That’s awesome man great gains. I’m sure you’ll reach your goal just keep at her no matter what. What’s your girth at?

Don’t you mean 6 7/8”?

Congrats on the gains!


Congrats man, how are your girth gains?

I’m glad to hear you’re honest. You’re only cheating yourself by giving false measurements. You have very realistic goals, which is a big +…..excuse me….a big +.

Keep on track, buddy! Unlike my partner in crime Siskel (Thunder), I give you two :up: :up:

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Yes Sizemeister, I mean 6 7/8”. Oops!

Thanks for all the comments/encouragement boys. This site has helped no end.

Girth is at 5.25” - up a bit from the start. I’ll be honest (again): I am more interested in length at this stage.

Congrats on your gains to 6.875 x 5.25

Almost an exact match with my current stats. (6.75 x 5.3) If I can get to what you are aiming for by the end of the year I will be well pleased. Let’s keep a check on each other, No? What are you eventually hoping to gain in say a couple of years down the road? I’m a new boy here so I havn’t worked it out for myself but will aim to think about it soon.


Well there is a thread on here with a graph of average gains taken from the PE data archive - I am sort of in line with that and it is my goal to stay in line or better.


Great - yes that graph is a useful guide - good to know that it lines up with your progress.
Stay the pace.


Wow, that makes me really wanna get started. I have never been embarrassed by my size, but I can’t wait to get bigger. This thread gives me inspiration. Thanks for posting.

Good job!


What type of routine have you been usin pgt?


I believe that you could reach between 7.5 iches and 7.8 inches long by November easily, if you put in that extra bit of effort, 8 inches long is a real possibility by November.

8 inches by November is a bit ambitious - it would be a way above any recorded average gains in this sort of time period. I will go with the goal of 7.3 by November.
I am similar stats to you, pgt7787. It will be interesting to compare notes on progress.



7.00 x 5.7 (flaccid 5.75 x 4.9)

Goal: 8 x 6 !!!!

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