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My gains after one month


My gains after one month

It’s been one month now since I started PE and I’m happy so far with what I’ve gained. I’ve gained 1/4 inch to my erect length! It’s not really much, but it’s a start for me and I’m motivated to make more gains. Although my BPEL went up, my EG stayed the same. I’m not too happy about that, but I can deal with it now. But anyways, I just thought I’d let everyone know of my gains! It’s really working!

Congratulations !
Great gains! I gained almost 1/4 inch erect length after 2 month of PE.
Which is your routine?


Thanks Cos. For my routine; I do 5 minutes of manual stretching, then dry jelq for 20 minutes, and end by manual stretching for 5 minutes. This is all that I really have time for in my life right now. I’m puzzled though at why I didn’t see any girth gains, but that’s quite alright since I’m concentrating on length more now.

Good news and congrats!!

Make sure you heat up, it helps.

Thanks haha. I was actually going to start heating up before my exercises recently, just never got to it even thought it’s recommended in the newbie routine. I will now though!

Congrats slman and keep it up. I’ll soon try to catch up with your routine.

Way to bro! Keep on building..

Current:3/31/2004 NBPEL----7.0" Base EG---5.25 Midshaft 4.8125

Start: 10/15/2004 NBPEL----5.9375" Base EG--5.0625" Midshaft 4.625

New gains! I measured today and came up 6.2 inches BPEL and 4.875 EG. Finally, I have reach 6 inches! YES! Now I just got to get my girth up there. Well, just wanted to let everyone know about my new gains.

Congratulations AGAIN !

You are a great gainer, almost one inch in 3 months! You are lucky!
Same routine?


Thanks cos. Yeah, I’ve been using the same routine but instead of five minutes, I stretch for 10. I also wrap now. Don’t know if that is a factor, but it may just be. Hopefully I can reach my goal soon. I’ll keep updated for that.

Damn, just from manual stretching?

Keep up the good work.

PE is awesome :)

Thanks Chunky, PE is awesome indeed. Illpo, I think wrapping has really helped with my manual stretching. I’m not sure of it, but wrapping makes my tool more elastic. I don’t know if any other guys agree, but it has for me. Since it is more elastic, I’ve been able to get better, stronger, and longer manual stretches. I know wrapping contributes to flaccid hang, but it has helped me in the area of manual stretching. That’s just what I think is happening though. I could be wrong.

Congratulations slman, good length gains.

How are you wrapping? Ace bandage from base to glans after a workout? How long for?

I wrap starting right under the glans to the base with Ace Bandage. I usually wrap for thirty minutes to an hour, sometimes even longer. Just be sure to kegel during your wrapping.

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